How to make the best out of your cheap floorings and have them looking premium, on a budget.

Floorings are one part of the house that we are extremely expensive to renovate or redo. Floors are one of the biggest stretches of surface in our homes. We want to keep it as nice as possible to make the whole house look and feel better. With the advent of modern flooring technique, it has never been easier to make your cheap flooring look much more premium than it actually is. While completely renovating the tiles for floors will be expensive, there are some tips and tricks to make any old budget flooring look more appealing and premium than it actually is.

Clean The Floors On A Regular Basis

This cannot be emphasized enough. To keep your floors and tiles looking mint, fresh and clean, the flooring should be cleaned properly on a very regular basis. You may then ask, what is the best way to clean, especially those among us who use tile flooring. The simple answer is to regularly sweep and vacuum the floors and then further clean it by using a wet mop. Sweeping and vacuuming will remove the accumulated dirt and debris. Wet mopping the floors after will clean the tiles further and make it looking all fresh and mint.

You may want to use a cleaning product on your tiles. There are several resources online that can help you decide on the right cleaning product for your flooring. If you are still not sure, you may want to contact the manufacturer of the tiles you have to give you the information regarding the specific product that will help keep your tiles looking fancy and shiny.

Use Shiny Flooring Options

A sure fire way to make any old flooring look more appealing and premium than it actually is, is to use flooring options that are shiny. People associate shiny things with premiumness. This is just how things work. As such, you may want to use a flooring material that is shiny and “bright” to achieve the look of being much more expensive than it is.

A staple flooring option that can achieve this desired effect is tiles. Tiles are much cheaper than having to install, say for example, wooden floors. The important thing to note here is that even though they are tiles, they can be made to look like your preferred flooring option be it wooden floors or marble floors. As such, this is a staple among those who are looking for budget flooring options but not have them looking like budget floors. Another amazing flooring option that you can get done is any color and different textures and patterns are epoxy flooring.

Combining Different Colored Flooring Options (Such As Tiles)

This is another fail safe option if you want to make your budget flooring look premium. Just matching different colored tiles can instantly make your flooring be that much more original. People appreciate originality and with this option, only your imagination is the limit to what can be achieved.

Matching different shapes of tiles along with different colored tiles is one of the best ways to make your flooring look not “budget flooring.” Different shapes of tiles fitted together will make for a truly unique and stylish look that is sure to make the flooring look premium and expensive. This will add to the overall ambience and feel of the house. Multi colored tiles have become a very trendy option in flooring options recently. The interesting thing to note here is that, even though this type of flooring is trendy, they are also unique to the individual who is installing them. So, this option is not only trendy but is also very original in terms of how the tiles are laid out.

Match The Flooring With The Other Interior Stylings Of The House

Making sure that the selected flooring is well adjusted to the other interior decor of the house will give the overall impression that the house was designed very intently. This will make for a very gorgeous looking house that will make even a budget flooring look premium and stylish.

Tiles Up Onto The Ceiling

Placing the tiles on an entire wall and sometimes even up to the ceiling is another way to make the flooring look elegant and expensive. Installing the tiles like this is a budget friendly option if you use budget tiles. This is better than installing very expensive tiles but be skimpy on how they are laid out.

Sometimes this is a necessity, especially in bathrooms where having surfaces that are waterproof is basically essential.

Pairing Budget Tiles With Expensive Material

Pairing tiles that are easy on the pocket with a bit more lavish material will give off the impression that all of the materials used in the housing are premium and expensive.

Make The Edges Are Done Properly

You may have the most expensive tiles at your disposal but if they are not installed properly and also finished properly, they will look like the exact opposite of being expensive. You need to have a very solid grasp of the design you want to achieve. This planning phase will make sure that you install the tiles properly. One of the main factors determining the efficacy of your planning is how well the edges of the tiles are done. So plan ahead and you can have even the most mundane and basic tiles look expensive.

The tips and tricks listed above will come in very handy to anyone looking to make their cheap flooring look premium. Expensive looking flooring can be achieved through very budget means, as discussed above. Having that expensive and premium look is something that most house owners desire. We all want our houses to look the best that they can look. It does not matter how that look was achieved. Your guests are not going to, hopefully, ask you how much your flooring cost and as that is the case, why not save money and go for budget flooring options and still have the satisfaction of them looking expensive and premium.

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