According to recent data, Roblox is one of the most popular gaming streaming services. In the United States, kids and teenagers stream it most frequently, mainly those around 16 years old. Furthermore, despite not only being in America, but it is also one of the most popular online gaming platforms worldwide.  

It is the most popular platform since everyone spends numerous hours on it, including children, teenagers, and even young adults. So now, why are we talking about it? Because today we will bring forth the review of another free Robux generating internet platform,  

Roblox Games  

Let’s start with a short description of Roblox for our audience’s benefit, who may not be familiar with this game streaming website. Users can access thousands of games from a variety of genres on Roblox. In addition to browsing various games, the player can even create new games of their own and share them with others.  

This website can be a player’s reliable passive income source if in case any user’s created game’s popularity grows among other players. If the game develops into a great platform with increased player engagement, the creator will be compensated financially.   

Roblox players in the United States can earn Robux without spending money or completing any assigned online activities via Multiple other websites also advertise themself as free Robux generating platforms. Players can get free Robux on the Buxrb website without completing any online tasks.   

The platform similarly claims to be a website that generates Roblox cash. Still, it differs significantly from other websites as it does not provide gamers with any tasks to earn this virtual gaming currency.  


There is a little window on the landing page labeled “ROBLOX,” and it states that users can win up to $10,000 in Roblox cash. requires users to enter a legitimate Roblox username in order to receive free Robux.  

Is Legitimate?  

Upon examining the website minutely, it was discovered that it was created a year and a few months ago, on January 20, 2021.   

The privacy policy and the site’s terms and conditions are among many of the site’s unavailable features.  

The fact is that’s connection to Roblox seems suspicious, as no noticeable information is found to help determine whether the platform is legitimately associated with Roblox or not.  

It’s alarming that no strong social media mentions on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Being a young website, it even lacks mention of any convincing user reviews.  

Before using and entering their information, users are advised to double- and even triple-check the website.   

End Note was created to distribute free Robux to Roblox enthusiasts. But a number of surreal things are found, mainly that they don’t assign any online chores to the users. Secondly, no indication of affiliation of the main Roblox website with has been found. has recently been developed and hence lacks various essential information. So, it is advised to our Roblox fans to get Robux legitimately rather than relying on such young websites.  

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