If you sit back and take a moment to think about how far technology has come in the last decade it’s astounding. Cast your mind back – do you remember what phone, laptop or electrical devices you owned in 2011 and their capabilities compared to now? Uber, Alexa, Deliveroo, Amazon prime…the world and everything in it is at our fingertips.

As a result of the soar of technological advances, traditional and more specifically, print marketing has taken a backseat as digital has overtaken at a rapid pace.

In the last 18 months, the digital advertising landscape has progressed even further and is now the preferred method of marketing by businesses by a long shot. Due to multiple lockdowns and continued restrictions in between where businesses have been unable to open fully or at all, there has been a huge shift towards online. Technically challenged people and older generations invested in laptops, smartphones and tablets in order to stay connected and shop online.

That being said, print marketing is not dead. If anything, this mass shift to the digital world has opened up many opportunities to businesses that are smart enough to continue to utilise print and integrate this into their overarching marketing strategy.

Why Your Business Needs Business Cards

Running a business is tough and this is even more true in the current climate. You are always on the lookout for new customers as well as maintaining a good relationship with returning clients and securing their loyalty.

In order to be successful at this, you will need to continuously network and make sure your customer service is at the top of its game at all times. Attending events, hosting events and getting involved in more intimate affairs are all necessary parts of running a successful business. When making these connections it is essential that you have all your contact details to hand. This way you can develop these initial conversations into more meaningful discussions and hopefully business deals.

Having your business cards ready to hand out to whomever you feel necessary is a top tip and not something to be overlooked. They are a highly personal form of marketing that go down well with potential clients. Being able to provide customers with key pieces of information such as business name, number, address, email and website is crucial. 

Business Cards Compliment Your Digital Marketing 

Business cards are the perfect asset to get your foot in the door with potential customers. They will perfectly compliment your online digital strategy.

Make sure your business cards design align with your website and online branding to give a unified feel and a strong sense of identity. Having a strong identity with a professional and informative website is essential when print products such as leaflets and business cards feature your web address. High quality paper, crisp imagery and graphics and high-level content paired with an unmatched level of customer service when they search you online is how you will convince potential customers to choose you.

Choosing A Printing Company

Before making a decision on which print company to use make sure you do your research and find out the companies standard of work and provides a great level of customer service. Rating and reviews can provide great insight into how businesses operate so take a look on google, trust pilot and other review sites.

If you are looking for innovative business cards in London that can set your business apart from the rest of the pack, look no further than Trilogy Printing. We offer a whole range of print products from pocket-sized A6 business cards to full-on A3 double-sided full colour perfect bound book with 100+ pages; always using the highest specification of printing materials. 

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