A typical Bitcoin casino, besides the usual stuff like poker, baccarat, slots, roulette and other widespread games, would have some of the more niche entertainment – including dice games. And among the dice games, hi-lo is one of the most popular and simplest options.

Compared to other casino dice games, like craps or dice poker, hi-lo is extremely uncomplicated. All you need to do is predict one thing, throw your dice and hope that your prediction was right. That’s exactly one more function compared to spinning slots and exactly the number of steps needed to play roulette. You get the picture.

Hi-Lo Explained

The hi low game of chance is known under several names, such as tai sai or sic bo. As evident from these names, the game is originally a Chinese one, although it’s also inspired by the usual higher-or-lower dice games played by people all over the world. Dice are excellent for this sort of gameplay.

Hi-lo works in a similar fashion, but the most common varieties of online hi-lo have a specific system that lets you play against the house. Some let you play against other players – there, you both can simply roll your dice and predict whether or not your roll will be less or more valuable than your opponent’s.

In the usual variety played against house, you are the only one making a call. You can pick whether the value of your roll will be greater or smaller compared to the ‘roll’ of the house, which will follow your own. So, there are essentially three steps to hi-lo in such Bitcoin casinos:

  1. Predict if the roll will be higher or lower compared to the roll of the house;
  2. Make your bet and throw the dice;
  3. Wait for the house to make a roll and see if your prediction is correct.

If it is, then you collect the money based on the predetermined coefficients. 

Other Varieties Of Hi-Lo

One of the most widespread varieties of hi-lo is the game in which you set a marker on the spectrum of numbers then predict whether your roll will be higher or lower than that marker. It is much less of a game of chance, but it’s still simple and exciting enough to enjoy round-by-round.

It is actually a better variety if what you want is some strategizing, because you can strategize to a degree, which is scarce when it comes to gambling. You can set a marker so that the market is near the ends of the spectrum, which would make your bet much less likely if you pick the ‘bigger’ side of the marker.

That would mean your possible winnings miniscule, because the odds get adjusted automatically based on the parameters of your bet. It means you’ll have to bet a lot to make any semblance of profit, but it’ll also mean you’ll lose everything if the roll lands on the wrong side of the marker. In short, there’s room for maneuvering.

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