Sitting outside and enjoying the soothing glow of a fire pit is a great way to unwind in the evenings. However, this statement piece serves many more purposes than just being nice to look at. Here are seven creative uses for this outdoor element, some of which you’ve probably never thought of before. 

Cosy Ambiance

Cosy AmbianceElevate your backyard ambience with one of these durable fire pits and savour the ambience and warmth it creates. Built from strong and durable metals like steel and cast iron, these elements have an ageless charm that melds in perfectly with their surroundings. They enhance your space and help you make unforgettable memories, regardless of how big or small your backyard is. 

The classic rust finishes radiate with natural beauty and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor space. You can further add to the natural rustic vibe by incorporating lush flowers, greenery and wooden benches around the pit. As the flames flicker against the rough metal backdrop, you’ll feel like you’re in a peaceful rural haven. 

Aesthetic Appeal

When you place it in the right spot, an outdoor fire pit serves as a focal point that enhances the visual appeal of your space and brings people together. It radiates warmth in both the actual and metaphorical sense, fostering a welcoming ambience that draws friends and family in. 

Because of their wide variety of designs, they blend in with a lot of different design styles. There’s a model to suit any style, whether you want a modern, minimalist look with clean lines and metallic elements or a rustic appeal with natural and rugged finishes. The flickering flames naturally attract attention, making for a captivating focal point that you can further accentuate with the right furniture and décor. 

And speaking of furniture, have you ever thought your fire pit could double as a stylish outdoor table? Well, buckle up, because it can! Order a tabletop wooden accessory and effortlessly turn your fiery centrepiece into a functional surface. So, you’ll get the best of both worlds—warmth and functionality rolled into one. 

There is no need for a separate coffee table or side table cluttering up your patio. With this nifty addition, your centrepiece becomes a multitasker. Gather around for marshmallow toasting, share stories, or simply enjoy the warmth. When you’re not in the mood for flames, cover it up with the wooden tabletop and say hello to a trendy outdoor table. 


CookingCan you cook on a fire pit? No one says that you need to cook something on a grill for it to be considered a barbecue. Everyone likes a good old-fashioned BBQ, but this tradition has reached a point where it’s getting a little boring. So, modern fire pits are the perfect option if you’re looking to be inventive and add some pizzazz to your outdoor cooking experience

Unlikethe conventional grill that you typically find in the patio corner, a pit takes centre stage. It promotes social interaction and unites everyone, as opposed to one person slaving hard on the grill in the corner while everyone else mingles and sips refreshing beverages. This also implies that everyone can cook on it. 

Even though roasted marshmallows are delicious on their own, making s’mores over the fire is a wonderful ritual for both kids and adults. Before assembling the campfire sandwich, smear some nut butter on your crackers to enhance the flavour. 

For an additional sweetness boost, try adding some caramel or honey. Fruits like bananas or strawberries are healthier alternatives that will make your s’mores more flavourful. For a salty option, add your preferred nuts like chopped almonds or pecans. If you’re a bigger fan of sweet and salty delicacies, then crispy bacon can make your s’mores even better. 


EntertainmentAs the temperature rises and the days get bigger, we start to spend most of our time outdoors. Here are some fantastic ideas to make the most of your outdoor fire pit and maximise enjoyment:

  • Throw a party: Whether it’s a graduation party or a birthday celebration, a fiery centrepiece is the ideal accent for any outdoor event. Enjoy some hot dogs, s’mores, and other campfire snacks with your loved ones around.
  • Movie night: Set up your backyard fire pit as the main attraction, complete with a screen and projector. Gather your loved ones and watch a great film beneath the sky, enjoying the flickering flames and warmth.
  • Organise a game night: Try out some old-fashioned card or board games, or even go outside and play some horseshoes or cornhole; 
  • Take pictures: Modern fire pits in Australia provide a striking backdrop for your photos, whether you’re doing some selfies with friends, family portraits, or engagement shots; 
  • Live music: Have a buddy who likes music or plays an instrument? Music, whether it comes from an acoustic guitar or a local band, is the ideal way to spice up any outdoor event. Take out the dusty guitar or plug in some speakers and have fun! 
  • Cocktail party: Pour some delicious cocktails and spend an enjoyable summer night under the stars. 

Repelling Mosquitoes

When you imagine a fire pit, pest control is usually not the first thing that you think of. Not a lot of people know that this stunning outdoor element can also be an effective weapon against mosquitoes – one of the most annoying outdoor intruders. Traditionally, burning plants is a popular way to ward off insects that bite. Recent studies confirm that burning common flavouring plants like thyme works well against mosquitoes. According to certain research, burning thyme leaves directly protects you against mosquitoes for more than an hour. So, toss a few sprigs onto the fire the next time these annoying pests attack. 

Therapeutic Benefits

Sitting by a warm, crackling fire is one of the most calming, soul-lifting, and peaceful things you can do. However, researchers also show that staring into a cosy fireplace has real health advantages. 

One of the ways a fire pit can benefit you is by lowering your blood pressure. One study examined the blood pressure of 226 people. Researchers invited them to watch a video of a fire, both with and without sound, and measured their blood pressure. The findings showed that their blood pressure consistently dropped when they watched the fire-with-sound video. 

This also demonstrates how evolution may have contributed to our appreciation of flickering light, crackling noises, and warmth. The soothing effect has its roots in ancient times, when we socialised around campfires, bonded with one another, and felt secure and comfortable. Apart from using fire for cooking, hunting, illumination, warmth, and defence, we also used it to foster social unity.

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