What Is Shelter Service?

Outsourcing your business can be hectic. A lot of manufacturers prefer to outsource their business in Latin American countries for skilled labor with lower wages. The process becomes quite difficult when you have to register yourself in Mexico. You need to register with a long list of departments including taxation and legal departments. Not all companies can afford tackling all these fronts by themselves. In this situation, what better could it be if you had someone in Mexico that can handle all these things for you.

If you run a company that wants to start doing business in Mexico, getting shelter services will make it easier for you than handling everything by yourself. Companies like Tacna offer shelter services in Mexico that enable you doing your business in Mexico while remaining completely immune to the Mexican legal system. Shelter service is basically just a way to operate in Mexico without dealing with Mexican legal authorities. But it is not just confined to legality, shelter services companies also assist you on administrative front. They also help with hiring of staff and selecting a site for your company. So if you want to cut the cost of your labor by shifting your manufacturing in Mexico but don’t want to deal with all the Mexican authorities, you will definitely need their help.

Benefits Of Getting Sheltered

Let us look into some of the key benefits of getting help from a shelter service company.

No Legal Problems

One of the toughest situations any business owner can face is when you get in trouble with the law in another country where you have no influence and no legal resources. You can’t afford a lawyer and follow the whole process while sitting in another country. It will cost you a lot and you will always be in a state of uncertainty.

You will not be answerable to Mexican law authorities under any circumstances.

No Taxes

When you are running a sheltered business in Mexico, you are exempt from all kinds of taxes. This is also a major plus point for this structure of business shelter. You will not need to hire any accountants for taxation related purposes.

Outsourcing Of Administrative Tasks

This is another great service that can be a great help to small or medium level companies. You will not have to worry about permits and licensing. You don’t even need to hire the labor or selecting a site for your factory, your shelter company will handle all that.

Complete Control

With a structure like this, some people have doubts about whether their business will remain in their own control or not. This is not a new. It has been there for almost five decades. Companies from all over the world have been implementing this model for their outsourced operations. Everything is regularized, so you don’t have to worry about someone taking over your business.

Rapid Start

If you don’t go for these services, you will have to setup everything by yourself, which takes time. You can get your business up and running in 1-3 months by hiring such a company. You can focus completely on growing business rather than administrative tasks that will take a lot of your time.

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