It can be hard to spruce up a bathroom. Often, the utility of the room will bemuse would be home improvers – the room simply needs to do so much that making structural changes can seem daunting. You bathe, go to the toilet and brush your teeth all in the same room, and each of these activities needs to be given some precedent when you are planning changes.

Switching up the lighting can be a perfect low-risk solution to your bathroom’s aesthetic issues. Lighting is wildly important in any room, and the shiny tiled surfaces of the bathroom make special consideration necessary when planning a lighting change.

It might be worth talking to professionals when thinking of changing your bathroom. Some lighting fixtures will need relatively complex wiring and encasement in order to avoid getting them wet during the use of the shower, toilet, or bath. Professional bathroom renovation Perth, Melbourne, and other major Australian cities is not too hard to arrange, although it can be more expensive than doing the job yourself.

Given the importance of lighting in a bathroom space, it is a good idea to plan any renovations you want to make around how you would like your room to be lighted. One size certainly does not fit all. Take stock of the design ethics that have gone into the arrangement of your house and attempt to complement and elevate them. If you have kids, easily breakable filament bulbs might not be a great idea even though they look great.

To start you off on your journey through the rather extensive world of bathroom lighting, we have listed three lighting ideas that can transform any work out restroom space.

Colored Up Lighting Can Transform A Room With The Flick Of A Switch

Bathrooms, as we all know, are multipurpose spaces. Ideally, you would be able to have a different light set up for each use of the room, as well as one that you can change according to your mood (or how much effort you want to make). Smart lights recessed into the floor make this possible.

Many smart light sets will come with a remote that allows you to change the color they give off effortlessly. Uplighting hides the source of the light when you are in the bath, creating a wonderful atmosphere akin to the classic ‘candles all around the bath’ lighting technique – without all the hot wax dripping into the water.

Don’t Be Afraid To Contrast Darkness With Light

It is safe to assume that not many people consider painting their bathroom black – and for good reason. Black paint typically makes a room feel smaller, less comfortable, and more imposing. Recently, however, designers have been flirting with the idea of black as the dominant color in bathrooms. This only works when you pair your dark walls with startling lighting, with the aim of creating elfin, starlike constellations in the room.

The purpose? Well, in a room largely used in a functional way, it can be easy to forget that you are meant to feel relaxed and set apart from the world when you are taking a bath. A dreamlike, dampened space can help promote a mindful state, not unlike the state enhanced by the floatation pods found at some spas. This is a pretty extreme measure and takes a great deal of dedication to your aesthetic cause. It is best suited to bathrooms that do not also contain the toilet, as a mindful and dreamlike atmosphere is not so conducive to the excretion of waste as much as it is of contemplative bathing.

Filament Bulbs & Brass

Carbon filament bulbs look great in the bathroom when paired with burnished brass fittings. Invented by Joseph William Swan in 1850, the filament bulb uses an electrically heated strip of bamboo, tungsten, or carbon to produce light.

Modern carbon filament bulbs give off a wonderfully warm glow. They are often made with a loose filament to emphasize the object’s analog nature and are usually housed within large bell-like glass cases. They have experienced a huge resurgence since energy-saving ones in the 2000s replaced tungsten filament bulbs. Carbon filament bulbs can be made very efficient, and modern versions typically last 1000s of hours.

They produce a candle-like light that bounces off brass fittings wonderfully and are great if you want to create a bathroom in the clean industrial style, with oversized metal lampshades, exposed fittings, and bare brickwork.

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