The work of a restoration company is more extensive than many people assume. They are involved in everything from furniture and contents restoration to mold remediation and biohazard cleanup.

They also collaborate with insurance companies and adjusters to guarantee that the claim is completed swiftly and that you have the most available repair coverage. In other words, they are your advocates.


A professional restoration company understands how important it is to nip minor problems in the bud before they can cause long-term damage. It is why many companies take the time to train their frontline staff on customer service best practices properly.

After an initial assessment, a restoration company Denver will provide the client an estimate and contract for their services. Although insurance claims representatives may recommend how areas of the property should be cleaned, the client has the last say.

When dealing with water damage, for example, a restoration firm will use sophisticated tools to identify and resolve the issue before more damage is done. The company will also use specialized drying equipment to dry the area. This step is usually done before any construction is done.


Restoration contractors are often the first responders to significant losses. They work with insurance companies and homeowners to help the process move forward quickly. They also help to alleviate the stress that substantial losses can create.

The industry is changing as it adapts to new trends and technology. For example, restoration companies focus on sustainability and eco-friendly cleaning products. They are also working to improve their communications with insurance companies and reduce their environmental footprint.

In addition, they are providing boarding up and tarping services to protect properties from further damage, theft, and vandalism. Additionally, they are helping to ease the burden of insurance claims by streamlining the process and ensuring that their clients receive fair compensation. It allows them to provide quality service and peace of mind.


Restoration companies work with insurance agents to help homeowners recover after disasters. The company will advocate for the homeowner and cover all repairs to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

A restoration company must focus on marketing strategies showcasing its skills and services. It can include showcasing their certifications, accreditations, and awards. These pieces of social proof will give potential customers the confidence to trust your company with their restoration needs. It is a great way to set yourself apart from general contractors.


No home is safe from flooding, fire damage, or mold. A restoration company can help a homeowner clean up the initial damage and restore the house to its pre-loss condition.

Restoration companies heavily depend on insurance policy proceeds to make payroll and cover business expenses. But as the direct repair networks and franchise operations grow, insurers are pulling away from specialized insurance for restoration contractors.

The good news is that several stable insurance carriers know the restoration industry well and offer specialized coverage that meets most insurance specifications. They are also willing to provide reasonable rate increases over time.

Customer Service

Restoration companies are often the first responders to fires, floods, sewage backup, or other major disasters. They ensure that a property is cleaned and sanitized and can be safely returned to its owners.

They also offer emergency services like turning off water or electricity, patching leaking pipes, and disabling sprinklers. In addition, they can perform temporary repairs until complete restoration occurs.

When deciding, look for a repair business with a solid reputation and top-notch clientele. It includes involving customers in restoration, answering their questions, and communicating clearly. They should also provide a free quote and a portfolio of past work. Additionally, they should have insurance and a license to perform their services.

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