Would you like to order quality modern windows and doors in Richmond Hill?

The installation of such products always involves significant costs.

Keep reading our article to know what factors affect the pricing and where it is most profitable to order such products.

windows replacement in Richmond Hill

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Windows In Richmond Hill?

As a rule, the cost of windows and doors replacement is affected by:


As to the windows, the most popular model is casement windows. On average they cost $350.

If you want the construction to open like a tent, look for awning windows. Their price is the same – $350.

Single hung is a construction with one sliding sash moving vertically. If you’re looking for a window system with two vertically moving sashes, you need a Double Hung one. Both of these options cost an average of $300.

Homeowners who prefer window structures with horizontally sliding sashes install Single or Double Slider. Their average price is also $300.

Of course, there are more expensive options. For example, bay windows (large windows, consisting of several panels) cost $2000.

Let’s move on to the doors.

If you are likely to choose steel entry doors, you make a great choice! Such products will make your home even warmer and more secure. They cost about $2,500.

If you want the material to resemble wood visually, but be more durable and robust, take a closer look at fibreglass products. Their average price is $3,500.

For the garden, homeowners usually choose French Garden doors. For such a model you will pay $3200. Sliding Patio models are often installed in patios. They cost $1300.

Custom Design

If the company’s products do not fit your project, you can always choose custom products.

Of course, such a project will affect the cost: all individual orders cost more than standard options.


The larger your door or window systems, the more expensive they cost.


The most popular raw materials for the production of modern windows are vinyl and fiberglass. The latter is somewhat more expensive.

Fiberglass is also used for door manufacturing. Fiberglass doors are more expensive than steel ones.


Handles, locks, blinds, glass inserts, and other fittings will also affect the final price.

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