In the domain of automotive diagnostics, ANCEL shines as a luminary, offering a broad spectrum of onboard diagnostic devices that peer into the operational core of your automobile. These devices scrutinize essential systems that may be jeopardizing your vehicle’s safety and longevity, including engine malfunctions, transmission issues, computer components, airbags, brakes, and alert systems, among others. OBD scanners also evaluate the urgency of these prevalent problems, advising you precisely on the timing for repairs or component replacements. This foresight enhances vehicle reliability and peace of mind, shedding light on potential issues before they escalate.

These diagnostic tools easily connect to your vehicle’s OBD2 port, delivering real-time data essential for averting expensive repairs and, in critical situations, potentially saving lives. Without regular OBD scans, significant system failures during operation could result in serious accidents, which are largely avoidable.

While you can rely on a professional mechanic to check your vehicle for safety and performance issues during regular maintenance, having your own OBD scanner can be a time and cost saver. Diagnosing common vehicle issues with an automotive scanner is easier and more direct than it might seem, as long as you have the appropriate device.

When entering the market for an automotive OBD scanner, the challenge lies in selecting the best model suited to your needs. In this analysis, we compare two leading products from ANCEL: the ANCEL X7 and the ANCEL V6 PRO+. Each model provides critical automotive diagnostic capabilities, but their distinct features could influence your choice.

ANCEL X7 Full System Automotive ScannerANCEL X7 Full System Automotive Scanner

The ANCEL X7, highly praised by our customers, is a versatile diagnostic tool that covers all major vehicle systems.

ECU Coding & Re-Flashing

This updates the car’s main computer software to make the car run better.


The system works with special car keys that have a built-in chip. It This helps prevent someone from stealing the car with a different key.

Over 10 Reset Services

Includes services for resetting features like the immobilizer keys, oil, electronic parking brake, diesel particulate filter, ABS system bleeding, steering angle, battery management, tire pressure, throttle position, and fuel injectors.

Active Testing

The device can test various components of your car to ensure they are functioning correctly. This is useful for diagnosing problems, calibrating systems, or confirming repairs.

Wireless Connection

It allows for a wireless connection to the car using a Wireless Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI), or it can be connected via a USB cable. This means you can check your car’s systems without being tangled up in wires.

Included With The X7 Are:

  • ANCEL X7 10.1 Inch Android Tablet Scanner
  • Bluetooth VCI Box
  • Various connection cables and plugs
  • Protective carrying case
  • OBD2 Diagnostic Cable
  • USB Cable

Note that the X7 does not support IMMO scanning for Ford vehicles, making the V6 PRO+ a potentially better choice for Ford owners.

ANCEL V6 PRO+ Bluetooth Bidirectional Scan ToolANCEL V6 PRO+ Bluetooth Bidirectional Scan Tool

ANCEL V6 PRO+ stands out for its support for over 120 vehicle makes and models, offering diagnostic capabilities beyond what the X7 can provide. It is a professional-grade tool that delivers deeper analytical results.

Bi-Directional Control

It enables the testing of parts like fuel pumps, air conditioning fans, and door locks by sending commands through the device to activate or control these systems. This is crucial for pinpoint diagnostics and system checks.

Key Programming & Immobilizer

The tool offers sophisticated functionality for programming new car keys. It works seamlessly with the vehicle’s immobilizer system, a critical component of modern car security that prevents the engine from starting without the correct key.

Comprehensive System Diagnostics

The ANCEL V6 Pro can run diagnostics on nearly every system within the vehicle, ensuring that any issue, no matter how minor or complex, can be identified and addressed. This includes vital systems such as: Engine Management Battery Management System (BMS), ABS, SAS and so on.

Over 25 Specialized Functions

With more than 25 special functions, the tool provides specialized capabilities for specific repairs and maintenance tasks, such as adjusting the headlight’s aim, recalibrating the steering angle after repairs, managing the electronic parking brake during service, and more. These features are designed to handle the needs of complex vehicles and systems with precision.

Extensive Vehicle Coverage

The device supports diagnostics and functions for over 10,000 vehicle models from various manufacturers worldwide, making it a valuable tool for workshops that service a wide range of cars.

Included With The V6 PRO+ Are:

  • The scanner itself with a durable touchscreen
  • Bluetooth Big VCI Connector
  • USB charging cable and adapter
  • Protective carrying case
  • Cleaning cloth and user manual
Overall Diagnostic Coverage Covers all major vehicle systems
Check car support list
Offers diagnostic capabilities for 10000+ vehicle makes and models
ECU Coding and Re-Flashing Yes, updates car’s main computer software Yes
IMMO Keys Works with special car keys with chips to prevent theft Offers advanced programming and works with the vehicle’s immobilizer system
Reset Services Over 10 services including oil, electronic parking brake, and more
Active Testing Yes Yes
Wireless Connection Yes, through a Wireless Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) or USB Ye, Wireless VCI
Included Accessories ANCEL X7 10.1 Inch Android Tablet Scanner, Bluetooth VCI Box, cables, and more The scanner, Bluetooth Big VCI Connector, USB charging cable, and more
Support for Ford Vehicles (IMMO Scanning) No, making V6 PRO+ a better option for Ford owners For Chrysler,for Ford,for GM,for Honda,for Subaru,for Toyota,for VW.
Bi-Directional Control Yes, tests parts like fuel pumps and air conditioning fans
Comprehensive System Diagnostics Yes, for all systems diagnosis Yes, runs diagnostics on nearly every system within the vehicle
Specialized Functions Over 25 specialized functions for specific repairs and maintenance

Both the ANCEL V6 PRO+ and X7 stand as testaments to ANCEL’s commitment to vehicular excellence, embodying the pinnacle of diagnostic technology.

We Love ANCEL !

ANCEL stands out as a top choice in the realm of automotive diagnostic scanners, earning the admiration of both professional mechanics and car enthusiasts alike. Their products are renowned for their efficiency and reliability, making them a staple in auto repair shops around the globe. Alan, an auto repair shop owner, shares his experience: “ANCEL auto tools are the best. We have been using them, and they are extremely efficient.Moreover, ANCEL also provides two years of free software updates.”

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