Termites are insects related to cockroaches. Although in their appearance they resemble ants. Most termites do not have visual organs. They communicate with each other through vibrations and pheromones. An interesting fact is that each colony of termites extracts a smell peculiar only to this colony.

Termites form a huge detachment and live in families. Each member of the family has its own name (king, queen, worker, soldiers) and goes about his business.

By its nature, a termite is not a parasite, but for a person it is such if they use houses for their homes.

When a person finds termites in his house, he naturally wonders if he is dangerous to humans.

Of all the types of termites, only soldiers bite. Sharp massive mandibles-ticks can terrify a person. However, termites use them only to protect the nest from ants or other termites that do not belong to their caste.

The termite itself will not attack you, but if you want to ruin its nest, only then it will show aggression and bite you. Termites do not consider the human body and skin as food.

The problem is that termites are quite difficult to detect. The presence of these insects in your house is indicated by such factors as:

  • Scattered wings on the floor
  • Slightly noticeable holes in wood and drywall
  • Mounds on the floor

At the same time, all these factors may indicate that other insects may live in your house.

If your suspicions are confirmed and termites really live in your house, then do not take any action yourself. Contact the company that deals with the destruction of termites, and talk to experts in this field. We advise you to use our services: florida environmental pest management termite inspection and we guarantee you high-quality work because only we have the most effective methods of combating harmful insects. We have specialized equipment and unique experience, thanks to which we firmly guarantee:

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How Are Termites Harmful To Humans? 

The main food of these insects is cellulose, which is contained in wood, grass and tree leaves. Thus, they can cause economic damage, damaging wooden structures and wood products. The harm caused by them is significant in tropical and warm temperate regions.  Termites so imperceptibly approach objects made of wood that the fact of their vital activity is detected only when a wood product suddenly disintegrates at the slightest touch to it.

Termites are considered harmful insects all over the world, and the little benefit they bring to nature does not cover the harm they cause.

Prevention Of An Appearance Of Termites

To prevent the appearance of termites in your home, you should, if possible, take the following measures:

  • It is necessary to build your house on a high foundation, i.e. that the wooden structures are above ground level and do not come into contact with it.
  • If the house is built, then you can dig a trench around it 100*100 cm, and fill it with sand. Termites tend to move in the ground, and will not dig their way through the sand. For greater reliability, the filled sand can be treated with some insecticides or other insect repellents.
  • A natural habitat for termites is moist soil, so if your home is surrounded by it, try to get rid of it. At least move its boundaries.
  • If there is a wooden fence around your house, it is better to reinstall it on a hill made of cement or cemented stones, so that the tree does not come into contact with the ground.
  • To avoid excessive humidity in the house, try to make a ventilation system.
  • When building a house, choose those types of trees that are not food for termites.It can be cedar or mahogany. You can consult with the builders about this.
  • Treat the places of contact of wood with the external environment, especially the wooden thresholds at the entrance to the house, the bottom of the wooden walls of the house and the joints of the corners with special insect repellents.
  • Seal all cracks and crevices in the walls of the house with sealant to prevent termites from entering the room.
  • Lubricate wooden furniture exposed to moisture with a water-repellent.

Be aware that termites, unlike other insects, are very difficult to remove on their own. Therefore, it is better to use the services of professionals, because they have experience and appropriate means against termites.

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