If you are from Western land, your idea of a good night’s sleep likely involves a comfy bed with fluffy pillows and blankets. Nevertheless, in many cultures, sleeping is associated with a hard surface, such as the floor.

In recent years, minimalist living ideals have inspired many individuals in Western countries to try sleeping on the floor. Some of these individuals have even gone as far as to get rid of their bed.

This article will examine the benefits of sleeping on the floor and provide instructions for those wishing to try it for themselves.

Sleeping On The Floor In Japan

In Japan, sleeping on the floor dates back to the 10th century. At this time, individuals would place hemp mats on the hard floor.

During the Nara period, the affluent started complementing their mats with textured cushions. Eventually, in Medieval times, they used comforters to retain warmth while sleeping on mats.

While the materials used to make Japanese bedding have changed since then, the practice of sleeping on the floor is still widespread. Generally, Japanese people use tatami mats, which contain rice straw.

Sometimes these mats are portable and can be put away during the day. Other times, there is permanent tatami flooring.

At times, Japanese people put a futon on top of the tatami. It is a foldable mattress about three or four inches thick. It provides much less cushioning than the typical Western-style beds.

Is It Good For You To Sleep On The Floor?

Although there haven’t been many scientific studies yet, many people say that sleeping on the floor makes them feel better. They usually argue that soft mattresses don’t offer a lot of support. Whether it is right for you or not depends on your sleeping position and medical conditions.

Health Benefits Of Sleeping On The Floor

There are many potential health benefits of sleeping on the floor. Many of these are associated with back health. That is no coincidence, as sleeping on the floor has a profound effect on your spine.

Banish Back Pain

Most people who make the switch say that the back pain they previously felt has vanished. That’s a pretty big claim, but it makes sense when you analyze the facts.

Mattresses conform to your body, causing you to sink into the cushioning. You may wake up feeling out of line. However, the floor is stiff and forces your body to stay aligned.

You may no longer feel the comfortable sinking sensation that your mattress provides, but waking up the next morning without pain is worth it.

Better Posture

Sometimes people slouch because standing up straight causes them pain. When these individuals eliminate their pain, their posture is automatically improved. Thanks to the firmness of the floor and better spine alignment, you may notice improved posture.

Feel More Rested & Energized

Sleeping on the floor helps you get the right quality of sleep. Many people report that they have a deeper sleep and feel more rested upon waking.

When you are overly comfortable, it can be hard to get out of bed in the morning. You may be so pleased that you hit the snooze button continuously.

In contrast, you may notice that you are not so comfortable that you want to lay there for a long time when you sleep on the floor. You will likely wake up ready to conquer your day!

Other Advantages Of Sleeping On The Floor

Sleeping on the floor not only benefits your health, but it can also affect your life in other ways.

More Space

If you have limited rooms at home, you could likely use some more space. Your bed is probably one of the largest pieces of furniture that you have. Without it occupying so much room, you have the freedom to create a space you’ve always wanted, whether it be a home gym or library.

Sleep Anywhere

Once you are accustomed to sleeping on the floor, you can sleep anywhere. You will be more likely to fall asleep on a long flight or a camping trip with your family. Plus, there’s no need for extra beds when guests come over if you sleep on the floor.

Have A Good Hair Day

wide selection of products can help you improve the appearance of your hair. However, even the most well cared for hair looks a little rumpled in the morning.

Sleeping on a pillow, though, can mess up your perfectly styled hair. Resting on the floor gives you the option to forego a pillow, so you will likely wake up with less bedhead.

Keep reading to learn how to sleep on the floor properly and obtain the maximum benefits!

How To Sleep On The Floor

As we have considered, sleeping on the floor has several benefits. However, it isn’t for everyone. The best way to decide if sleeping on the floor is the right choice for you is by trying it yourself!

Here are a few sleeping tips that will help you get adjusted to sleeping on the floor.


The first thing you should do is ready yourself mentally. Understand that you will probably feel uncomfortable for the first few nights. You might ache as your body adjusts to not having all the comfortable cushioning that your mattress provides.

If you are overweight or already experience many aches and pains, the adjustment period can take a little longer. However, after some time, you will likely get accustomed.

Find The Right Surface

You don’t need to sleep directly on the ground to experience the benefits of sleeping on the floor. So, it is crucial to find an adequate surface that meets your needs. These surfaces add a little cushion and make the transition much more manageable.

One of the most popular sleeping surfaces is tatami. As we discussed previously, tatamis are Japanese mats, traditionally made of rice straw. They make ideal sleeping surfaces because they have just enough cushion to make you feel comfortable.

If you don’t have access to a tatami in your area, you could always use a futon mattress. Since it isn’t as thick as a regular mattress, it won’t take away the support that a hard floor offers. Even if you decide that a futon is too cozy for your taste, it makes an excellent transition from a mattress to the floor.

If you want minimal cushioning, a yoga mat will undoubtedly do the trick. They are firm while providing a decent amount of cushion. Also, they are generally quite affordable.

One more alternative is a massage mat. Even though they are designed to lay on when getting a massage, they are equally comfortable to use when sleeping. Sometimes they come with heating functions, which can enhance your experience of sleeping on the floor.

Decide Whether You’ll Use A Pillow

Some who sleep on the floor think that doing without a pillow is more natural. Others use a thin pad that can elevate your neck and head, creating extra support.

As long as you don’t prop your head up with a big comfy pillow, either is fine. You will obtain the benefits of sleeping on the floor with or without the extra support of a thin pillow.

Sleeping On The Floor Positions

Just as sleeping on a bed, you can sleep in any number of positions on the floor. You may think that sleeping on your back is the best bet, but not everyone agrees on this. Researchers have studied instinctive sleeping and resting positions, which may treat lower back and joint pain.

Here are some sleeping positions to consider and try out.

On Your Side

When you sleep on your side, you can use your arm as a pillow. This the perfect position if you decide not to use a pillow when sleeping on the floor.

When you completely hunch your shoulder, your neck is fully supported. Plus, your neck should deviate towards the ground. When the head is down, it causes the vertebrae to stretch during breathing, thus causing them to realign themselves.

On Your Stomach

When you push your elbows out and sleep on your forearms, you can correct your spine. The weight of the head is resting on the arm, which reduces neck tension.

On Your Back

According to some sources, sleeping on your back is the best way to eliminate pain. This is due to the numerous benefits that individuals claim to feel. These include:

  • spine support and alignment
  • relief from tension headaches
  • reduced pressure and compression
  • relief from sinus build-up
  • prevention of fine lines and wrinkles

The best way to find your ideal sleeping position is by trial and error. You will likely note how you feel when resting and after waking the next day. If you have a lot of pain or discomfort, try out another position.

Experience The Benefits Of Sleeping On The Floor

There are so many benefits of sleeping on the floor! These can help you improve your sleep naturally.

If you want to enjoy these benefits for yourself, follow the sleeping tips outlined in this article. Remember, it may take a while to find the right surface and sleeping position.

Have you tried sleeping on the floor? How was your experience? Share your thoughts and comments on this post!

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