Cars are exposed to harsh environments that can damage them permanently. Ceramic coating is done on the cars to save the paint on the cars from abrasions and scratches. Ceramic coatings prevent your cars from extreme weather and other damaging elements. It is always advised to get a ceramic coating done by a professional at a service station. Such as Sydney Paint Protection Specialists are considered very credible in ceramic coatings. Ceramic coating performs the same functions as waxes but are harder than waxes. They protect the paint of the cars from fading. It preserves the luster of the car paint. Ceramic is actually a liquid polymer. It is not permanent but it lasts for longer times. There are several advantages and disadvantages of coating ceramic in your cars.


Ceramic coatings provide the following advantages.

  • Ceramic coating lasts longer than waxes. It doesn’t break, and you don’t need to apply repeated layers. It doesn’t wash away.
  • Often the paint of the cars gets oxidized by coming in contact with the ultraviolet radiations. This oxidation reaction fades the paint and it starts giving a dull look. Ceramic coatings prevent this oxidation of car paint.
  • The ceramic coating makes the surface of the car resistant. The surface shows resistance in binding to any chemical that may damage it. Acidic elements usually develop bonding with the car paint and produce chemical stains on the car. These stains can be prevented by opting for ceramic coating.
  • Ceramic coating makes your car maintenance-friendly. As this coating is water repellent, when the surface is exposed to water, any contaminants present on the surface are easily washed off.
  • Ceramic coating is not colored, rather it’s transparent. This transparency of ceramic coating gives your car a chic look, and the paint of your car seems to exhibit a shining.


As the ceramic coating isn’t permanent, it is also not a permanent solution for preventing your car’s exterior. Here are some of the disadvantages of ceramic coatings.

  • This coating might prevent the exterior of the car from abrasion, but if it comes in hard contact against strong objects, it may get scratches. Ceramic coatings don’t provide satisfactory prevention against scratches.
  • The ceramic coating prevents chemical stains, but it may welcome water stains. As the coating is hydrophobic, water doesn’t stop on the surface. As a result, water evaporates. When water evaporates it may leave contaminants that produce water stains.
  • The most noticeable disadvantage of ceramic coatings is that this temporary coating is very expensive. Its cost mainly depends on the type of ceramic you want to be coated and the process by which you want the coating to be applied.
  • Many people use DIY kits to coat their cars. These DIY kits have their own pros and cons. This may also be seen as the limitation or disadvantage that many people ruin their cars in this process.


Ceramic coating has a lot of advantages as well as several disadvantages. You should thoroughly research them before opting for this.

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