Are you struggling with alcohol dependency? Well, you can get help and a fresh start by joining an alcohol detox Centre for your recovery.

More About Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox is weaning a person off alcohol by gradually using prescription drugs. It is a medical intervention that helps those with alcohol dependency to quit drinking by mitigating the withdrawal symptoms. This way, the person can stop drinking alcohol with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

Medical detox is done under a healthcare provider and it is suitable for those diagnosed with alcoholism and heavy drinkers. The reason is that if they stop drinking alcohol abruptly, they will experience withdrawal symptoms, which sometimes can be fatal.

Why A Detox Centre?

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, it is best to go to a detox center for your recovery. You can find a medical detox near me and enroll for detoxification.

You may be saying, “But I can quit drinking on my own”. If you are dependent on alcohol it is risky to quit on your own because you may experience withdrawal symptoms, some of which are deadly.

If you have a physical dependency on alcohol, it means your brain chemistry has changed. For instance, you will need more alcohol to get drunk. Once your brain depends on alcohol to function properly, then you have physical alcohol dependence. In case you stop taking alcohol all of a sudden, then you develop withdrawal symptoms one of which is ‘delirium tremens’ or severe shakiness. To control these withdrawal symptoms, you need to go to a detox center where you will get the required medical detox to help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

How Long Does Medical Detox Take

The time it will take to detox depends on the individual. It’s determined by factors such as how long you have been consuming alcohol, your age, health, and gender. The medical provider assesses all these and estimates the timeline for your detox.

What To Look For In A Medical Detox Center

With the many medical detox centers cropping up, it’s important to make sure you choose one that will meet your needs. Some of the factors to look out for include:

Licensed Facility

Find out if the facility is licensed or accredited by the relevant institutions. This ensures that the detox center is accountable, safe, and effective. Also, it means that it meets the standards of a detox center such as being ethical in providing care and having trained staff.

Area Of Specialization

If you have alcohol dependency, then you should choose a medical detox center that specializes in that area. That way, they will understand your needs and give you the appropriate treatment.


The location of the medical detox center you choose should be based on your needs.

You may need a center near you if you need support from family and friends to help you in the program.

Alternatively, you may need to be away from your current environment to help you recover especially if your drinking or drug use is influenced by friends. As such, you may need to go to a faraway medical center. Choose a facility in a location that works for you.


Does the medical detox center offer aftercare after the detoxification? For alcohol detoxification to be successful and long-term, you will need aftercare in the form of support groups, counseling, therapy sessions, and other treatment that will deal with the cause of the addiction. It’s advisable to choose a facility that offers aftercare.

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