What hat should you wear for your facial features? The question bothers both men and women alike. But if you are a confirmed fashionista, you would be more conscious about these things. Although everyone says you should feel comfortable in it, you also have to determine why you need something. It is more relevant for women who like to dress up even their casual avatars. Still, you may want to know a few styles can be a strict no-no for some profiles. For example, if you have a small face, you would like to avoid anything with a large crown and brim. In the same breath, you will not choose a small dome and brim for a large face.

So, these are a few essential hat style guides for everyone. Does it bother you about the options? Women have always been lucky and rich with sartorial choices. Hence, you have nothing to worry about with this crucial fashion accessory, especially when you get varieties in every sense. For example, as it is summertime, you would need a hat to protect you from UV rays while flattering your face, overall appearance. It has to be comfy too. When you consider all these elements, straw fedora hat womens become more meaningful as a choice.

Available in black, tan, and cream, the colors are also interesting to combine with any outfit. It is just that you need to see whether you pick the same color hat as your dress or something in a contrasting mood. If it is the exact match, you would want to add one additional shade to your overall ensemble to break the monotony. Also, if you pick a contrasting straw hat color, it should complement your attire well. In this context, here are some safe styling recommendations for curious fashion and trend followers.

Straw Fedora Hat For Different Tailoring Regime

With A White Outfit

Undoubtedly, a white, lightweight chiffon dress can be on your mind when you go out on a hot summer day with your friends. Your hangout point can be a shopping center, a cafeteria, a swimming pool area, or a beach. Of course, for all these places, you can blindly trust your classic fedora hat to be an obedient partner. Still, you have to pick the right color for your white dress, which can be cream.

The cream has a subdued quality about it; hence, you can wear it with your whites to maintain a calm and peaceful getup. But if you want to take it a notch above for drawing attention, then pair the whole look with a cream fedora, nude stilettos, and a sling bag. It may not be suitable for the beach, but you can carry this look at other hotspots.

With A Midi Dress

Floral prints tend to be the favorite among women. And nothing can match the colorful vibe of spring and summer as these patterns. So then, midis can fulfill your summer-based dressing needs effortlessly. But to make them more chic or classy, you can put on your straw fedora for sure. But you will have to select a suitable color, cream, tan, and black, to vibe with it without creating any false notes. You can visit Americanhatmakers.com once to know your options. It can help you with decision-making.

With Striped Pants

You wear a denim button-down shirt on a pair of black striped white pants. Now, you can safely round off this style with a black straw hat for a chic yet casual appearance. The choice of jewelry and watch can be simple. You can, however, tidy this up a bit more with white or black stiletto sandals.

With Peplum Tops

A cute deep-neck peplum top in blue with a bow knot and printed shorts can never disappoint your summer style. But when you top it with a tan fedora hat, the magic of your sartorial choice can be way too high to measure. Just keep your wavy hair open.

With Swimsuits

Summer and beach vacations are like faithful partners. You crave to spend your time with family and friends on beautiful beach destinations. In that scenario, you cannot plan your getaway without an absolute essential like a straw hat. After all, it would be best if you had protection for your head and face from the sun while maintaining your style quotient. As for color, you can go with either cream or tan.

Fedora hats are everyone’s favorite because of their undemanding nature. Plus, you don’t have to doubt their ability and efficiency in practical situations. Hence, whether you care more for your fashion or protection from harmful UV rays, you can turn to any straw design to cater to your requirements. Just ensure that you shop your hat from a trusted retail store and don’t go for its cheaper version to save a few dollars.

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