In the ever-evolving world of fashion, the spotlight doesn’t always fall where you expect it to. It has its own plot twists, right?

Undoubtedly, the classic retro vibes are not just knocking on the fashion door; they’re barging in like they own the place.

Trends like flared pants, puff sleeves, high-waisted jeans, etc., made a surprising comeback, almost taking on the newest trends!

 Well, hold on! One more trend that is popping up and stealing the spotlight for all the right reasons is the bubble dress. 

Do you remember how Celine Dion, a renowned Canadian singer, mesmerized everyone with her appearance in a bubble dress in Paris Fashion Week’s Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2019/2020 collection?

Now, if you missed that spectacular fashion affair, worry not! Here’s an ultimate guide to exploring the awesomeness a bubble dress carries.

What Exactly Is A Bubble Dress?

First, let’s explore why everyone is buzzing about a bubble dress. It’s a dress style that is characterized by a voluminous, puffed-out shape that resembles a bubble. The attractive bubble effect at the hemline is created by folding the skirt’s hem.

This style breaks the conventional norms of hemlines and silhouettes to create a playful effect for the ones who love a bit of drama in their ensemble. The hem of the skirt is 

Typically, these dresses have a fitted bodice and beautiful flare, creating an iconic rounded, bubble-like silhouette. The volume in the skirt is often achieved through the use of gathered or pleated fabric. 

The Comeback Of Iconic Bubble Dresses

In 1954, Pierre Cardin, an Italian-born French fashion designer, launched his first boutique and introduced the concept of bubble dress. Breaking the traditional norms, this dress style gained huge recognition, symbolizing a youthful and carefree spirit by the late 1950s. 

Eventually, bubble dresses became a top-notch choice among fashion-forward women for evening, cocktail, and prom wear. Following a quiet spell in the 1970s, the bubble silhouette came back stronger in the 1980s with unconventional choices of accessories, lengths, colors, and fabrics. 

Talking about the current scenario, fashion designers continue to infuse their unique spin on this timeless silhouette. For instance, Naomi Campbell, a renowned English model, wore a bubble dress with wide-leg capris at the Fashion For Relief pop-up event in London in 2019.

Moreover, Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2020 collection featured a spectacular collection of innovative bubble skirts. Celebrities like Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Millie Bobby Brown, and Sophie Turner didn’t miss a beat and embraced the trend with perfection.

Tips To Make Your Bubble Dress Game Strong

Consider The Occasion

A bubble dress is a versatile style that goes with almost every occasion, whether it’s a coffee date, your anniversary, or any other formal gathering. Dresses of shorter lengths might be more suitable for casual events, while longer lengths work well for formal occasions.

Cinch It Up

Your bubble dress is all about that volume, right? Now, to keep things on point, balance that drama by keeping everything else sleek and classy. If you feel like your dress is a bit loose and not accentuating your waist the way you like, grab a slim belt and cinch away! 

The Footwear Fiesta

Your feet want the attention, too! No wonder you would look fabulous when all dolled up in a stunning Portia and Scarlett dress; however, a pair of perfect shoes would make it even more magical! 

Shoes speak volumes in the language of fashion. Wear some sneakers or ankle boots if you’re in the mood for something casual, whereas if you want to amp up your fashion game, go for strappy or blocked heels.

Layer Love

Whether it’s a breezy day or you just want to add a dash of oomph, layers are your go-to move. Layer your bubble dress with a stylish jacket or a cozy cardigan; it’s like adding an extra layer of charm and coziness to your attire.

Accessorizing Magic

Accessories are all about those finishing touches to elevate your overall look. Since the bubble silhouette is itself a statement, you can choose to go easy on the accessories. 

A stylish choker, some funky ear cuffs, and a stylish clutch will make you look absolutely breathtaking in your bubble dress!

Hair & Makeup 

To glam up your bubble dress, create a perfect blend of a relaxed hairstyle and a natural makeup look! Loose waves or a messy bun can work wonders to complement the carefree vibe of the dress. 

Meanwhile, regarding makeup, soft eyeshadow with a touch of blush and nude lipstick can be great for a laid-back vibe.

Summing Up

Who needs a runway when you’ve got a bubble dress? With this ultimate fashion guide, you get a lowdown on how to rock the bubble dress trend like a true fashionista. 

Whether heading out for brunch with your squad or a movie date with your partner, slip into a bubble silhouette for that extra dose of glam. From ensuring a perfect fit to deciding on the shoes, this guide can help you slay the occasion in style!

Just remember, the more bubbly, the better it is!

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