Adding a deck on your home is a perfect way to increase the value of your house, and a surefire plan to guarantee the outdoors is enjoyed by your family. For decades, wood was the top choice, but now a new form of material has become the hill’s king. An alternative deck board design that has many advantages over conventional lumber is composite decking. The Composite Decking and Decking Boards/products pioneers are Brite Deck. However, price is not one of them, so we have put forth a guide to help you determine the cost of composite decking together with the cost of building it.

1. Composite Decking Cost Factors

We illustrated how composite boards vary from PVC or wood, and a great way to go green, in our ultimate decking guide. While composite decking products as a whole are highly resistant to items such as stains and mould, there are a number of variables that can increase your deck’s price. How those boards are made is just part of the price, as the scale of your project and the type of composite decking you would use must also be taken into account.

2. Composite Decking Price

You should expect to pay from $40.00 to $70.00 for a 20-foot composite decking board, depending on the quality tier and board length. For goods in the mid-range to luxury segment, for the same 20-foot board, the prices increase to around $60.00 to $110.00. Our pricing map will give you a better understanding of what to expect when it comes to prices by some of the better composite deck brands.

3. Composite Decking Installation Price

Sitting around and dreaming about a wide deck outside is simple, but once you realize the cost of composite decking, you’ll have to plan things out to make it a reality. While on the net there seems to be a range of tools that can help you build the perfect deck, the very first thing you need to do is actually take your needs into consideration.

Do you have a big family, or are you preparing composite boards to create a small patio for two? Size has a big influence on price, and you also need to think about any outdoor activities. You’ll need enough space to fit the barbecue if you want to grill during the summers, and the same goes for general seating, dining, or sunbathing.


The tools you will have to acquire for traditional deck installation are easy. To cut your composite decking, you will need a circular saw or mitre saw, and a carpenter square guarantees that your edges will remain smooth and clean. Squares are cheap, and stuff like pencils and tape measures are cheap, but a decent circular saw will set you back from $60.00 to over $100 or more. Although not a must, your life will be made simpler by a good pair of sawhorses. Without decking screws, which are trickier to narrow down than you would expect, you won’t get that far either. Sticking to screws sold by the company that sells your decking is always best whenever colour coordinating is necessary, but if you intend on using a secret fastener system for those planks, it’s a moot point.

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