Your home is your personal retreat, a sanctuary where comfort and functionality should be the main highlights. Crafting a space that supports relaxation and accommodates your daily needs for a fulfilling lifestyle is essential.

Let’s dive into some practical tipsthat can make your home more comfortable and functional.

1. Simplify & Streamline Your Space

The serenity of your home is largely influenced by how free it is of clutter and how organized it remains. The “Not So Big” philosophy encourages you to start by simplifying each room, letting go of items that are no longer necessary or loved. Consider incorporating storage solutions that blend with your decor, such as shelves, bins, and aesthetically pleasing baskets.

In the living room, a storage ottoman can serve as a hidden space for items like blankets and remote controls. Make the most of your cabinet spaces in the kitchen with stackable containers and drawer dividers. This approach creates an environment where every item has its place, which fosters a sense of purpose and calm in your home.

2. Reinvent Your Kitchen & Bathroom

The functionality and comfort of your kitchen and bathroom significantly affect the overall living experience in your home. Consider more energy-efficient appliances for the kitchen and increase your workspace with a multifunctional island or extended countertops. Implement organizational tools such as spice racks and pot lid holders to streamline your kitchen routines.

For the bathroom, consider a tub to shower remodel that can increase both practicality and aesthetic appeal. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility constraints or those who prefer showers.

3. Prioritize Indoor Air Quality

For any home to truly be a sanctuary, it must foster good health; air quality is a significant part of this. To enhance this crucial aspect, you need to focus on ventilation. Be deliberate about letting in the fresh air—open windows whenever possible, especially in the early hours or whenever the outdoor environment allows.

You may also want to consider the addition of air purifiers, which can efficiently eliminate pollutants, allergens, and unpleasant odors from your indoor spaces. Don’t underestimate the role of indoor plants in your home, either. They can contribute significantly to air purification while bringing a sense of calm and natural touch to your interiors.

4. Invest In Comfortable Furniture

Comfort and functionality are two non-negotiable aspects of a “Not So Big” home. To achieve these, pay close attention to your furniture selections. Opt for designs that marry comfort and ergonomics, supporting your body in its natural posture—be it a chair in your study that encourages correct sitting or a couch in the living room that invites relaxation.

Furniture, while comfortable, should also enhance your decor, so select pieces that align with your aesthetic. Consider the placement of these pieces, too. Arrange them to maximize the use of space while allowing for smooth, intuitive flow and easy communication within the room.

5. Create Cozy & Inviting Spaces

Establishing warm and welcoming spaces throughout your home can significantly enhance its overall comfort level. Select soft textures such as plush rugs and luxurious throws to engender an inviting ambiance. Choose a palette of warm colors, and consider a designated reading corner with a cozy armchair and a window-side table. Infuse your spaces with personal items, like favorite photos or art, to create areas that uplift your spirits.

6. Maximize Storage Efficiency

Efficient storage is a cornerstone of a “Not So Big” home, crucial for maintaining an organized and clutter-free environment. Capitalize on vertical space with wall-mounted shelves or organizers. Opt for furniture that does double duty, like ottomans with hidden compartments or beds with integrated storage. Choose storage containers tailored to your needs, be it for pantry goods, toiletries, or toys.

7. Improve The Bedroom For Better Sleep

Your bedroom should be your personal retreat for rest and renewal. It starts with a comfortable mattress that aligns with your sleeping habits and offers proper support. Complement it with cozy pillows and quality bedding. Consider blackout curtains or blinds to control light intrusion and maintain a peaceful environment. Noise-canceling tools or white noise machines can be beneficial if noise pollution is a concern. Keep electronic devices to a minimum in the bedroom, or utilize sleep-friendly technology to promote relaxation and better sleep quality.

8. Optimize Lighting Design

Lighting is a potent tool in defining the mood and practicality of your space. Emphasize natural light wherever possible by maintaining clear windows and using light-toned curtains or blinds. Consider a range of artificial lighting options for rooms where natural light is scarce. Employ a mix of general, task, and decorative lighting to create a layered effect and establish the desired ambiance. Dimmer switches offer the advantage of modulating the brightness to suit various activities. Add table and floor lamps in your living room and bedroom to create intimate reading corners while boosting functionality.

9. Embrace Smart Home Technology

In our modern digital era, intelligent home technology can significantly augment the comfort and utility of your living spaces. Consider a smart thermostat for effective climate control, offering a comfortable ambiance while conserving energy. Voice-activated assistants can control lights, music, and other appliances with a mere verbal command. Intelligent home security systems provide an additional layer of safety and convenience, enabling remote home monitoring. Explore a variety of smart home devices on the market and choose those that resonate with your requirements and lifestyle.


Transforming your home into a space of comfort and functionality is a journey that necessitates thoughtful consideration and planning. By implementing these guidelines, you can cultivate a refuge that fosters relaxation, efficiency, and overall well-being.

Remember that a comfortable and practical home enriches your daily life while reflecting your style and principles. By placing your comfort and functionality at the forefront, you can create a living environment that genuinely feels like home. So, begin applying these changes now, and relish in the comfort and functionality of your revamped living space.

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