Hats are one of those fashion accessories you can never go wrong with. Aside from practical functions like shielding from the sun and keeping ears warm, hats add a stylish flair to any outfit. Whether placing a grunge edge on a casual everyday look or elevating an evening attire with impressive flair, Big hats are always a good choice for enhancing your outfit.

You can name many hats and have lists that roll miles long. WIth inventive twists and reimaginations, hats are going strong as a must-have accessory this year. Of the varied assortment of hats you can add to your closet here are eight kinds of hats that are in style 2022.

Straw Hats

If you are lucky enough to live in a place where there is sunshine all year round, this is a hat style you will more than likely be rocking all year long. If not, you certainly will be pulling out your straw hats or looking for a great one off the shelf to add to your summer closet this year.

Straw hats are known for being accessories in places with bright sun whether the climate is wet or dry. They are definitely not strangers to summer beach trips where they watch sand surf. These hats are chic and playful with the added bonus of being natural. 

Straw hats are also not limited by their material when it comes to design and color. Of course, you have traditional cowboy straw hats, but with inventive changes to the body, inclusions of dyes, and fresh weaving patterns, straw hats can magically shapeshift from beachwear to glam wear. This has led designers such as Armani to include straw hats in their lookbooks.

Wide Brim Hats

These hats are generally inclusive of unique wide brim hats without a given name such as the classic fedora. Why is that, you might ask. The wide brim hats this year are so impressive and eccentric the only commonality is the wide brim. The name of the hat creation must be assigned by the brand.

When not used for the function of blocking weather elements such as the sun, wide brim hats make for strong statement accessories. For example, the wide brim hat by Edward Crutchley celebrates style over function and impressive wagon wheel inspired hat style. This would be one of those hats you’d want to wear indoors or, at least, in the shade.

The Newsboy Hat

The newsboy hat or cap dates all the way back to the 15th century. It is also known as the baker boy cap or Jay Gatsby. Its design is made of a rounded full body for the cap that is paneled with a button on the top. Despite the age, this cap is coming back into style for the 21st century.

A modern twist is being taken on the newsboy hat by designers such as Dior and Isabel Marant. There is no lack of variation in color, fabric, or pattern as the caps make a comeback. With large designers including these on their runways, there is sure to be a wide range of newsboy cap options from minimalist to luxury.

The Baseball Cap

The Baseball CapThe baseball cap is an old-time favorite.  With a signature rounded crown and projecting stiff peak, this is a  popular accessory to add to any casual outfit. The baseball cap never really goes out of style. It has highs and lows with a celebratory moment during baseball season.

As hats get a new perspective in design for 2022, the baseball cap does not go forgotten. Baseball caps are getting luxury designer touches from brands like Coach who are adding extra details to this accessory and Courreges who revolutionize the cap with a cross with the swim cap. The new baseball cap might just outdo you at the ballpark.

The Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is pulling itself back up and rising to the occasion in 2022. It is becoming more fashionable than ever with new sleek designs, patterns, and fabrics. Brands are embracing this old cult classic and adding to their lookbooks faux fur bucket hats to name one of the distinctive bucket hat styles for 2022.

The Crochet Hat

Crochet has always been a popular pastime and now the fruit of its labor is becoming just as popular. As life slows down and gets ready to bloom for spring you may want to consider a colorful crochet hat. 

The soft knit material is a comfortable accessory as the weather warms up but not too much for spring. Also, the plethora of colors of crochet hats provides an automatic match for any outfit in your closet.

The Trapper Hat

This hat was designed for hunters and has its origins in Russia. The trapper hat is characterized by its ear flaps and fur interior. Designed for warmth, cute patterns and styles make this a hot winter accessory this year. 

If you live in a chilly and icy climate, this may be a hat you want to add to your winter fashion closet this year. While you may not wear this hat to go hunting this year, you can sport it for warm coffee trips this winter.

The Beanie

The beanie is another hat style that really never goes out of fashion and simply moves into other styles and trends until making it big on the scene again. Beanies are favored for their practical comfort and versatility.

The beanie comes in a range of colors, patterns, and materials. When you need a dependable accessory to throw on to keep your head warm but also add a fashionable edge to your casual outfit, beanies are the way to go.

The BeanieWhich hat style called out to you? The great thing about hats is that you can have one that you use as a signature accessory all throughout the year or collect a few statement pieces to rotate out during the year as the seasons change. Whatever you pick, you cannot go wrong with any of these eight that are in style 2022.

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