You recently agreed to try out the escape room experience everyone has been raving about. You want to see what the fuss is all about. You’re quite curious, and you don’t know what to expect.

If this is you, you should relax. You just signed up for an amazing experience, and the memory of your first escape room game will likely remain in your memory for a long time.

The games in Edge Escape Room are designed to give you the ultimate thrills of a real-life game. We’ve compiled 7 tips you can use to ensure that your first escape room experience lives up to your expectations.

1. Pick The Right Game

You should pick an escape room theme you’re most comfortable with. It makes no sense to go with aquatic-themed games if you’re scared of the ocean.

If there are kids, be sure to pick a game that is age-appropriate for them.

You can check the list of available games on the escape rooms website before you visit.

2. You’ll Need A Leader

Even if you have Albert Einstein and Sherlock Holmes on your team, you won’t make significant progress if everyone keeps chipping in. As the saying goes, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”

Deliberate as a team and appoint a leader who can coordinate the group and designate tasks effectively.

There’ll surely be squabbles and slight disagreements along the line. The leader has to keep everyone from locking horns.

3. Communication Is Vital

The success of the team depends on how well the members communicate with each other. If you find a clue, speak up. Let everyone know so that they can collectively brainstorm how to use it.

Also, a few games require the players to think out loud so that the game master can subtly give them additional clues in the right direction.

4. Sometimes, Splitting Up Is Best

If everyone else is a first-timer like you, chances are they’ll huddle over one puzzle and give their entire focus to it.

It’s always great to split out and cover more ground. This way, you can save time and find more clues faster.

The leader can split the players into groups, and then decide when and where you’ll all reconverge to display all you’ve found.

5. Expect Everything

Nothing is off-limits in escape rooms. You need to bring your A-game. Be ready to think outside the box.

In some games, the puzzles are interconnected, so solving one will lead you to another.

If you have to search the room, don’t overlook anything. The next key piece could be inside that picture frame you just tossed aside.

However, you must be careful not to damage any properties while you conduct your intense search.

6. Don’t Waste Time On Clues

Overthinking never helps anyone. If you’ve deliberated for a significant amount of time and the particular clue doesn’t make any sense, move on. There are others you can find that’ll make more sense.

7. Be Sure To Enjoy The Experience

Escape room games are all about fun and thrills. It’s an adventure that’ll keep you fascinated for a long time. You should bask in the experience while it lasts.

Even if someone gets on your nerves during the trip, shrug it off. It’s just a game, and you’re here to have fun.

It doesn’t matter if you found no clues, or if no member of the team contributed to making sense of the clues. The only thing that matters is that you had fun.

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