Every car, expensive or not, needs upkeep. And guess what, you could be the one to do it. But only after your auto detailing shop is up and running. And that’s where the biggest problem is how to start?

The first steps to doing anything are always the hardest. The possibility is that you might not know exactly everything you need to do. Here, in this article, we will share with you some reliable tips for building your auto detailing from scratch. Ready for the ride? Great; strap in then.

Golden Tips For Building Your Auto Detailing From Scratch

If you are not sure what road to take while building your auto detailing business, the following tips will be of invaluable help:

1. Learn The Trade

It’s not just car washing; you must learn all the basics, possibly under an experienced person. This will allow you to have adequate hands-on techniques that your future business will depend on.

It gets even more interesting. The technical skills alone won’t cut it. You need the manager or a member of the management team close by to learn all the challenges that come with running an auto detailing business so you can have an idea of how to navigate or avoid them altogether.

If you get the chance to go for formal auto detailing certification, grab it. It may not carry much weight, but a day could come when it separates you from your competitors.

2. Draw Up A Business Plan

It sure is one of the most daunting duties of starting a business. However, a business plan is a blueprint that details everything you will do, who your partners will be, or where to get investors. 

A business plan can also secure you a loan from banks if well crafted. Some of the concerns that must be addressed in your draft include:

  • Where you will run your business from
  • Whether you will be working solo or with a staff
  • Whether you will need financial backing or not
  • The kind of services you will offer and their pricing

The few core services you need to offer are dent repair, black trim restoration, over-spraying, paint touch-ups, hand washing, windshield repair, engine detail, cement removal, carpet dying, and many more. If drawing up a business plan is something you are not up for, then consider using business plan software solutions. 

One more thing to remember; ensure to price your offers at the same level as others to avoid losing customers. You can use price comparison websites or ask around.

3. Decide What Structure To Use

Businesses can fall under different categories like sole proprietorship, corporation, limited liability, etc. It sure does look less important, but it will decide how you’ll be taxed, the ways to bring in investors, and worst of all, what will happen should you go bankrupt. See?

So you need to understand both the pros and cons of every business structure before making the final decision. Still undecided? If so, then go with LLC. It has measures in place to protect your personal assets from being seized in case of bankruptcy. Worth stating a lawyer can get the registration process streamlined and also expedited.

4. Obtain A License & Permit

Your business must have all the necessary legal documents before the operations start. These could include permits, licenses, and any paper your local authorities deem necessary. Failing to do so could result in hefty fines, jail time, or business closure.

Car detailing companies use a lot of water, which is likely to get you into bad blood with air and water pollution departments. So ensure your business is in good books with such authorities to avoid nasty surprises.

5. Purchase All The Necessary Equipment

This should be obvious, right? You need a couple of tools to successfully get your business wheeled off. The first steps include purchasing a mobile truck or obtaining physical space.

Other basic tools you will need include a pressure washer, air compressor, wet-dry vacuums, hot water extractor, towels, brushes, sponges, rotary buffers, carpet extractor, cleaning solutions, and many more. If you cannot pay for all the necessary equipment, then go for a loan.

6. Get Your Business Insured

There’s a lot of legwork that goes into building an auto detail business—sweat, blood, and money. So should something unfortunate blow your entire startup into smithereens, you’ll be destroyed. This is where insurance comes in.

The essence of insurance is to protect your venture from unforeseen events. Common car detailing insurance includes disability insurance, property insurance, unemployment, and workers’ compensations insurance. This is another area where attorneys can help you pick the right selection.

7. Come Up With A Marketing Plan

A great marketing plan will expedite the growth of your business. You can take many approaches, from setting up a website, creating social media pages, and printing business cards.

If your car detailing has a physical location, you might want to sign up with Google My Business so that any stranger in need of detailing can get to your shop.

Wrap up

Starting a car detailing business can be challenging. Yet, proper preparation can smoothen any bumps that will be encountered. All in all, with the right training, certifications, and considerable starting capital, your business should launch successfully. 

Worth mentioning once your business starts to grow, you’ll have a lot to handle. Talk of payroll processing, running marketing campaigns, managing customer relations, and much more. Handling all that could easily result in errors or lower your productivity. In such a case, use a car detailing app to track everything accurately.

Author Bio

This is a guest post by Ashley Johnson, who drives content strategy at DetailProPOS, a cutting-edge cloud-based software solution for auto detailers and mobile detailers.

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