The stereotypical American dream is a two-story home in a yard surrounded by a picket fence. This goal changes for everyone depending on their lifestyle, but the primary aim is for a stable home with security and property.

So you’ve found your dream home, and now it’s time to personalize it for your family. When you have the chance to build the fence you’ve always wanted, you might want to swap out the picket fence for a wooden one. If this is something you are planning on doing, then Northland fence is here to help you out.

Why go with wood? These seven reasons prove that a wood fence is the smart way to protect your property.

1. Wood Is Versatile

Most fence material has to be constructed in a standard design. Horizontal or vertical slats make it hard to create a unique fence around your property.

Wood, on the other hand, is versatile. To start, yours can stand out because of the type of material you pick. Redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated pine are three of the most popular and longest-lasting wood types for fences.

Then, the design options are endless. With a variety of horizontal, diagonal, and vertical looks, as in this article by Nue Glow, you can mix and match dozens of sizes and styles for a unique combination. 

Finish the look off with staining or painting, or leave the wood natural. Your fence can be unlike anyone else’s in your neighborhood.

2. Wood Is More Affordable

Let’s face it. We all want something that is cost-effective, especially when our budgets are tight. Stainless steel, wrought iron, and picket fences are expensive. 

Wooden fences cost less in material and are easier to have installed. If you want a fence that looks impressive but doesn’t cost a fortune, wood is the way to go. 

3. There’s Better Privacy

Chain link fences and other short or see-through options are good if your goal is to keep your dog corralled or designate your property line. For those who want more privacy, though, these don’t work as well.

Wooden fences can be as short or tall as you want (and as your local ordinances allow). The slats are flush against each other, preventing anyone from seeing in or out.

If privacy is the main reason you’re thinking of installing a fence, you can’t go wrong with wood.

4. Lower Insurance Premiums

You might be surprised to learn that putting a fence around your yard can save you money. Many insurance companies like the idea that you have an extra layer of security keeping people off your property. 

So, having a fence installed lowers your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Check with your agent to see how much a wooden fence can save you each month.

5. Wooden Fences Are Eco-Friendly

We all want to do our part to go green, and a wooden fence can be designed with recycled or reclaimed wood. Instead of using new materials or non-recyclable options like vinyl, your fence can be eco-friendly.

If any part of the fence is damaged, it’s cheaper and easier to replace wooden boards. The old part is sent off to be recycled into something else, and your new, reclaimed board is set in its place.

6. It’s A Noise-Blocker

Do you live on an annoyingly busy street or next to noisy neighbors? Wooden fences can make ideal sound barriers.

The trick is to use the right type of wood, like red cedar, and make sure the boards are thick and tall enough. The heavier the board, the better it will be at soundproofing.

When the fence is installed, line the boards up tightly against each other to minimize the ability for sound to get through. Nothing is entirely soundproof when you’re outside, but you’ll be able to block a lot of the unwanted noise.

7. It Keeps Out Pests

Protecting your property from pests is important, especially if you have a garden or kids outside playing. 

A chain link fence keeps away some animals. However, a solid wood fence will prevent most unwanted visitors, both human and creature, from venturing into your land.


Now that you’re ready for the next part of the American dream, consider putting up a wooden fence around your beautiful home. It could save you money and make your family safer at the same time. You may call this company to get answers to your questions about installing a wood fence on your property.

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