We all know a few auto addicts who love their wheels and when looking for birthday or Christmas gifts, there’s a plethora of hi-tech gadgets and devices that you can buy from the online supplier.

Here is our pick of the bunch for 2024.

Magnetic Smartphone Holder

This handy gadget clips into the vents on the dash and it holds your digital device in the desired location. A circular sticker fits on the back of your smartphone, and this is magnetic. As makes and models have different vent grills, you can check online to find a holder that is designed for your car.

Sun Shades

The latest generation of window shade is tailored to fit a specific make or model; imagine how the recipient will feel when they realise they actually fit like a glove! You can buy a complete kit that includes shades for all the windows, which makes for the perfect gift; search the web for Australia’s leading auto shade supplier and search by make and model. Snap shades are a great invention that keeps harmful sunlight away from your interior, which causes upholstery to fade over time.

Rechargeable Car Vacuum

A heap of attachments ensure that you can get to all those hard-to-reach cracks and with a powerful motor, keeping the interior clean is effortless. At around $30, you have a great portable vacuum for the car! Who wouldn’t love such a gift?

Stick-On Blind Spot Mirror

This handy mirror fits to a corner of the driver’s wing mirror; for less than $10, this handy gift could save someone’s life! Start with a Google search to find a leading Australian supplier of auto accessories, where you will find a huge catalogue of cool add-ons, gadgets, devices and kits. Click here for reasons to buy used auto parts.

Expandable Hanger Bar

If you have friends who like to hang suits in the car, this is a must-have gadget. It opens from both ends to perfectly fit across the rear of the cab and you can hang as many as 20 garments, which is ideal if you are moving home. The device uses both hand grabs above the rear doors, so do make sure that the vehicle actually has these before you order.

Storage Organiser

This multi-compartment storage unit folds away for easy storage and with handy pockets and pouches, the device in anchored with Velcro tabs, which keep it in position when moving. Ideal for picnics and those who carry tools in the vehicle and when you take the family on holiday.

Memory Foam Driver’s Cushion

Great for those long journeys, this cushion actually remembers your shape and stops that lower back pain that comes after a few hours behind the wheel. Of course, you can order a couple to provide support for the front passenger.

All of these amazing gifts are inexpensive and ideal for car owners; make sure you know the make and model before you order such a gift.

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