It’s the most wonderful time of the year for so many of us. No, not Christmas. For millions of pumpkin spice and cinnamon lovers, the season to celebrate is fall!

It’s our golden opportunity to dig into apple and pumpkin treats and dig out our autumnal home decor.

From Halloween to Thanksgiving and everything in between, fall decor is just plain fun. Bring the festivities into your home this year with these seven fall-friendly decorating ideas!

1. Start With The Scents

Flavors and smells are often the first things people bring up when they talk about the fall season. When you think of fall, what are the foods and fragrances that bring memories to the front of your mind?

Yes, it’s logical and science-backed that your memories are triggered by smells. Your olfactory senses (those that process smell) are connected to the amygdala in the brain. This is the part of your mind that controls emotions, so when you have a powerful memory of a smell, that scene becomes an emotional memory.

Aromas you enjoy might be linked to your favorite food of the season, like apple pie and cinnamon, or an activity you do in the autumn, such as pumpkin carving or roasting marshmallows.

Bring these enjoyable scents into your home with candles, fragrant room sprays, wall plugs, aroma mists, or linen sprays. You can also try an electric wax melt burner and enjoy the unique fragrances they offer.

2. Top Your Tables With Fall Foliage

One of the top signs that fall is here in most parts of the country is the changing foliage. If plants and flowers are decor you have in your home, it’s time to switch them out.

Instead of summer florals in brightly colored hues, try a tabletop cornucopia with reds, browns, and golds in its place. Sprigs of cinnamon can serve as accents and double as a room fragrance.

Handmade pumpkin decor is another favorite. Real pumpkins are likely to rot quickly, smell, and attract bugs. But wood and plastic pumpkins are available at any craft store. Accent them with sequins or paint and keep them as part of your annual fall decor!

Whatever foliage you bring into your room, make sure to use plenty of leaves!

3. Accent With Autumn Colors

There’s a chill in the air, but your home is warm and cozy. This won’t just be from the blankets and sweaters you’ve pulled out of hiding — it’s because of the autumn color palette you’ll be decorating your home with!

The colors of fall are warm and inviting. Browns, reds, navy blues, and hunter green are common picks. They can each be accented with a complementary shade of eggshell or another matte non-white.

Bring the colors into each room with a couple of small tweaks:

  • Swap out your couch’s pillows and throw blankets with fall-themed ones.
  • Change your placemats and kitchen towels.
  • Update your bedroom with colorful fall accessories.

You don’t have to go overboard. It’s easy to bring the warmth of autumn into any room with some strategic color choices.

4. Redesign Your Restroom

Decorating your bathroom to match a fall holiday can be fun.

Halloween is right around the corner. Here is your chance to give your guests a friendly fright with ghosts and goblin shower curtains and towels.

If creepy characters aren’t your thing, Thanksgiving is full of decorative flair, too. Harvest leaves, turkeys, pumpkins, floral patterns, and the quiet country woods are all scenes that go along with the peace of Thanksgiving.

As a bonus, you have to take out your previous things, making this the perfect opportunity to deep clean the rest of your bathroom decor, too.

5. Soften Up Your Space

The quiet calm of fall lends itself to a cozy room. What’s more relaxing than the crackle of a warm fire in the hearth and the whisper of the wind outside?

By making the space around you soft, you can emphasize these feelings.

Soft doesn’t necessarily mean a soft texture, though. It’s that, but it’s also the lines and patterns. Our brain sees sharp lines as harsh and jarring. Take out anything like that in your room and replace it with something curvy and organic.

A painting with bright colors can be softened by swapping it with a tranquil autumn scene. Add some soft accents like a throw rug and woven baskets to hold magazines or pillows.

Take a final look around the room — anything you see that doesn’t make you feel peaceful needs to get replaced!

6. Prepare Your Porch

The welcoming atmosphere of a home starts at the front porch. Being greeted by a warm, festive door feels good, and others will get the same sensation.

Spruce up your archway with a door wreath and welcome mat. And what’s a fall front porch without a carved jack-o-lantern? Instead of using a candle to add that inner glow, use a pre-lit flameless tea light, glow sticks, or a mini LED flashlight.

7. Make The Mantle Fall Fireplace-Friendly

If you have a fireplace and/or mantel, you can decorate the hearth with warm accessories. Keep everything far away from the actual fireplace area if you plan to light it up this season!

On the mantle or inside the unused fire pit, use tapered candlesticks to design a table centerpiece. Mix faux leaves and other foliage to fill the empty space.

Large, empty surfaces can easily be filled with a black chalkboard. Write your favorite inspirational and encouraging quotes on it to help anyone walking feel good!


Whether you love changing decor to match the seasons or fall is your favorite and you don’t want to miss a moment, it’s a fun and easy style! With these seven tips, it won’t take much preparation to turn every room in your apartment into a fabulous fall festival. You can also add gas decorative fire to enhance your apartment beautifully.

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