There is never a perfect time to do anything except now! So, instead of waiting for the best time to upgrade your e-commerce website, create a plan and implement it.

You likely have to update your product listing. However, you can also make small changes that make a huge difference. Customer service is another area you may need to focus on. When you concentrate on satisfying your customers, you can significantly boost your return on investment. 2022 may already be over, but that does not mean you can not turn it around and make this a year you remember for life. So, let’s dive into the upgrades you need to make to your website, shall we?

1. Update The Displays & Features

Your website’s graphic elements are crucial because more than 50 percent of Americans are visual learners. It is easier for them to retain the information if they see it.

So, when updating your product and landing pages, ensure all your photos are on point. Also, ensure that surfing your website and finding the products your customers need is easy. Nowadays, people are not incredibly patient. If they have to struggle even a little bit, they will leave your website and never return. You can hire professionals to ensure your data classification is up to the standard if you need help.

Your product videos should also be top-notch because research shows that customers interact with brands who use product videos to guide them. For example, found that product videos helped increase their chances of a sale by 144%. In addition, Advance Auto Parts found that informational videos made visitors stay on their website twice as long and visit twice as many pages.

2. Optimize The Checkout Process

If your sales numbers are terrible, it might be due to your checkout process. A lengthy, complex, or inefficient checkout process can lead people to abandon their orders. According to the Baymard Institute, over 25 percent of customers left their orders at the checkout because the checkout phase was too long.

You must ensure that your checkout page is streamlined, quick, and user-friendly so your customers do not leave right at the end.

While you are in the process of optimizing your checkout page, consider the following:

  • Ensure that your checkout is functioning at its best on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Ensure that your checkout is compatible with all operating systems. (Apple, Windows, Android)
  • Make it easy for your customers to purchase more than one item in the same transaction
  • Offer free shipping whenever you can
  • When free shipping is not available, let your customers know the shipping costs upfront
  • Send automated emails that remind your customers to finalize their purchase if they abandon their order at checkout

3. Enhance Your Website’s Speed

As mentioned earlier, people are not patient these days. If they have to wait a long time for your website to load, they will leave and never return. So, ensure that your site’s speed is top-notch on desktop and mobile devices.

Research shows that over 45 percent of users expect a website to load within two seconds. In addition, 40% will leave the website if it takes longer than 3 seconds.

Furthermore, if your site speed is slow, it will hurt your profits because it will affect your SEO. If people do not spend a long time on your website, it shows Google that your site is not valuable, and thus it will drop in the rankings. Before you know it, your website is not even on the first page. And let’s be honest, when was the last time you visited the second page of Google when browsing the internet?

Additionally, you can test your site’s speed using Google’s Page Speed Insight. It is an incredible tool that grades your site’s speed. It also tells you what you need to improve. You can then get your developers to fix the issues.

4. Try Chat Bots

In the world of e-commerce, customer support sets you apart from the competition. Excellent customer service can help you retain customers for life. Research shows that over 20 percent of customers continue to shop with retailers who offer excellent customer service. In addition, over 30 percent avoid retailers with terrible customer service reviews.

Adding chatbots to your website will allow you to deliver exceptional customer service because you will always be there for your customers. Learn as much as possible about chatbots before installing them on your website.

5. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

One of the most important upgrades you can make to your e-commerce website is to make it mobile responsive. According to Statista, more than 6.5 billion people use phones to surf the internet. Before the era of mobile devices, customers could only surf the internet to shop via their computers at home. Nowadays, they can shop anytime, anywhere. Also, customers can easily access product/service reviews, price information, and product comparisons from the tip of their fingers, making shopping very accessible.

Making your website, mobile-friendly will help you bring in new customers. Consider the following when you are making the upgrades:

  • Ensure your CTAs are not forceful
  • Do not use pop-ups or interstitials
  • Use concise menus

6. Write Original Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are critical. They can make or break your sales. Customers love to research before they buy a product or service. Instead of copy/pasting product descriptions from other stores, write your own product descriptions. This way, they are original and match your brand’s tone and personality. According to research, more than 80 percent of people believe product descriptions are crucial to sales.

Consider the following when updating your product descriptions:

  • Draft interesting descriptions that highlight the key benefits a product offers
  • Use high-quality images. Do not use blurry images
  • Use bullet points
  • Do not write in paragraphs. Avoid long chunks of text
  • Update all product descriptions


E-commerce is a growing industry, and if you want to be successful, you will have to upgrade your e-commerce website. Customers want a straightforward and seamless shopping experience along with excellent customer service. If you implement the tips mentioned in this article, you can make 2022 your most successful year so far.

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