Shaving, tweezing, waxing, and other conventional hair removal methods consume a lot of time and money. Moreover, they are painful. Laser hair removal is a minimally, invasive, painless procedure conducted by a cosmetic surgeon to remove unwanted body hair.

However, before you undergo this procedure, there are six important things you must know to find the best results:

1. Laser Hair Removal Is A Science

Though people love to claim it is magic, however, laser removal is a science. It is a medical procedure used to remove unwanted hair. It uses laser light that travels that is allowed to pass through the pigment of your hair follicles. The heat from the laser light damages the hair follicle so that it can’t grow in the future.

Depending upon the size of the area to be treated, the procedure can last from 10 minutes to an hour. You may also need to visit the cosmetic surgeon several times; or alternatively, you can research the best at home laser hair removal and do some treatments yourself. The skin may look or feel sunburned for a couple of days Moisturizers or gels can help reduce irritation.

Before booking the treatment, ask if the technicians are qualified enough to carry the procedure. You can contact laser hair removal Montrose to get professional advice regarding the treatment.

2. The Procedure Works Best For Those With Light Skin & Dark Hair

Before you go for the appointment, it is crucial to know if you are the right candidate for laser hair removal. People with light skin tone and dark hair are the best candidates for this procedure. The reason is laser light targets melanin in the hair. Though advancement in the techniques has made it easier for people with dark skin to undergo this procedure, it is still less effective. So, consult with your surgeon first to know how effective laser hair removal will be.

3. You May Experience Some Discomfort, Swelling Or Redness

Your hair will be trimmed to some millimeters above the skin surface in your first session. During the entire session, you need to wear eye protection gear. You may also need to protect the outer layer of the skin using a special cooling device. The treatment may make you feel a bit uncomfortable, or there may be no pain. All it depends upon the area being treated. Besides, you may face some skin irritation that only lasts for a few hours.

4. You May Need To Go For Multiple Sessions

The results of laser hair removal vary from one person to the other. It may take 6 to 12 sessions to see the full results. This procedure works on hair in the active stage, and it may take several sessions to target all the hair.

5. Prepare For The Treatment In Advance

Before going for the laser hair removal session, avoid electrolysis, tweezing, or waxing for at least five to six weeks. If you wax or tweeze the area, the laser will remove the hair roots temporarily only. However, you can shave the area as it doesn’t affect the hair follicle. Besides, avoid going out in the sun before, as well as after the procedure. Tanning may increase the chances of side effects, such as skin lightening.

6. Have Realistic Expectations

It may take more than a session to see visible results. Once your treatment plan is completed, expect long-term hair reduction. Keep in mind that no hair removal treatment claims 100 percent hair removal. Hormones or other biological factors may also affect hair re-growth. So, have some realistic expectations.

For the best results, you need to be consistent. Make sure you attend all the appointments and follow the surgeon’s guidelines. It is best to book a course of laser hair removal treatment instead of sporadic appointments.

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