It is easier to start a business rather than to grow it. Growing a business is not something that you can do in days or weeks. It demands both time and effort. It requires market connections as well as a solid customer base to hit the target.

Most of all it demands proven strategies to take your business to the next level. These strategies can be push notifications in the form of both iOS and Android push notifications. It can be providing a rich user experience and so on.

Now you must be wondering what all I need to do in order to grow my business in 2021?

Well, you just need to follow these 6 proven strategies.

1. Research

One of the factors that play a crucial role in the growth of the business is research. The more you do it, the more beneficial it will be. You can’t switch to a rapid mode and take shortcuts to grow your business. The shortcuts can give you short results but you have to go with research at some point in order to attain stability and growth.

It is good to go for a complete survey on what is the market condition, the future demand of the audience, what you can do to improve your services, and most above all what you are offering unique to your audience.

This will help you to make appropriate decisions that will be in the favor of both you and your audience.

2. Be Competitive

When it comes to growing business, you have to beat the market competition. Beating the competition does not mean that you simply decide some of your local competitors and offer your products or services at a lesser price. You can get the lead for a short period of time but what will be the result if they decrease their prices to compete with you?

Competition means you have to establish yourself as a brand. You have to improve your quality. Here quality means the quality of your product and services. You must approach your buyers with that intent which motivates them to go for more of your product and services.

The thing is, when the buyers are getting good quality along with service, they care less about pricing. It is a feeling of proudness that you must offer your customers through your products and services.

3. Engage With The Audience

When it comes to growing business, you have to develop a strong bond with your customers. You have to establish effective two-way communication with your audience. You can attract more audience when you’ve enough subscribers. You can buy subscribers if you don’t have sufficient time to build manually. Initially, it’s better to step a little, you can buy 200 subscribers as a primary step.

You can take the help of push notifications in the form of both iOS and Android push notifications for this purpose. The basic purpose behind engaging with the audience is to make them feel special. They should feel that you are there to offer what they are looking for and that too without compromising any quality.

You can ask for regular feedback. This will further help you to know where you are lagging and what your customers want from you. This will let you fix some bugs and help you to further improve your services. Most of all, it will help you to earn free advocacy from your loyal customers.

4. Extend Your Network & Community

Growing a business demands your presence in a much wider area. If you are a small business owner and you are thinking that having a good local connection or network is going to work for you, you need to reconsider.

You have to break your boundaries to attend social events. You can join a professional community for entrepreneurs where you will earn an opportunity to get partnerships with some of the bigger firms. This will provide you with an established platform. All you need to do is to use it for your growth and for establishing a better relationship.

5. Use Social Media

According to “Datareportal”, currently, there are more than 4.20 billion active social media users. This accounts for 53.6% of the total global population.

This means a huge opportunity to reach an audience throughout the world. The best thing about using social media is, you can have your own community where you can promote and establish your brand identity. It is one of the best platforms to earn loyalty for your brand.

6. Utilize Video Marketing

This is a modern era where people are less interested in visiting your platform to know what you have to offer. They are even lesser interested in newspaper or TV advertisements. You need to know that these days most people like to stick to their mobile phones instead of watching TV or reading newspapers.

They are more interested in videos. You can go for a short video regarding your products and services. You can even tell about your brand’s history and vision. This will help you to create an attachment with the audience.


If you really want to grow your business. You are required to build a solid strategy as per the demand and market survey. You can also take it one step ahead by taking the help of some proven strategies that are presented to you here. This will make your task easier and will save you a lot of time and effort.

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