When it comes to improving the exterior of your home, landscaping is an absolute must. Whether you are looking to go all out or just make some small and simple changes, giving your garden attention will help to make the space more welcoming and functional. One addition that can really transform how your garden appears, is lighting. This gives you a chance to highlight specific details, illuminate the back garden enough to use it in the evening, and even create a luxe vibe. If you’re ready to tackle your garden lighting, here are six ideas to keep in mind.

Strip Lighting For Stairs – Beauty & Function

Here’s an opportunity to combine beauty with function. Attaching strip lighting to your stairs will ensure that people are able to see the steps with ease, thereby preventing any slips and falls. Of course, this type of lighting looks fabulous too.

Experiment With Rope Lighting

Rope lighting may not be the first option that pops in your head, but it should be high on the list of possibilities. Rope lighting is extremely versatile as its design gives you a chance to create movement. You can wrap the rope around decking rails, along roof lines, around large tree trunks, throughout tree branches – the list goes on and on. You’ve got a completely flexible length of lighting that can really add beauty to whatever you use it on.

Embrace Modern Shapes & Styles

There is also a lot of modern shapes and styles when it comes to outdoor lighting now. These can include garden lights, lanterns, and patio lighting, all of which boast a very streamlined modern design. This is perfect for the homeowner that doesn’t exactly see themselves as rustic and wants to create a high-end luxury vibe in their garden.

Rock Lights Provide Less Obvious Lighting

If you want to be able to illuminate areas of the garden but don’t necessarily like the idea of garden lights, you can look into rock lights. These are lights that are camouflaged to look like rocks so they blend right into the terrain. It’s a more subdued and natural approach to lighting that will still provide you with eye-catching results.

Up-Lighting For Those Beautiful Stately Trees

For homeowners that happen to have some large trees on their property, it can be nice to highlight them almost as you would an architectural feature. Up-lights or spotlights directed upwards from the base of the tree provide a stunning picture, and a full wash of light across the tree. Electrical wholesalers tend to sell a lot of these types of lights since they are so useful.

Hanging Lights – Perfect For A Patio Or Gazebo

Then there are those who want to create an outdoor entertainment or dining area. If you have some sort of roof structure, then hanging lights are the perfect addition. These can be strung from the interior roof of a gazebo or patio, once again combining beauty with function.

If you want to add some beauty and interest to your back garden, these lighting ideas will certainly help you to achieve that goal.

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