Sat at your desk at work processing orders from the factory, you are in contented mood. It’s a job that enjoy, especially the interaction with the shop floor workers and your office colleagues. You are pretty sure that your talents are appreciated and noticed, even more so when the boss asks you to a meeting.

The 10th anniversary of the formation is coming up and he wants you to find a venue to host a corporate event in which current customers will be invited along with those that your company is trying to attract. After research you are certain that you have found the perfect corporate event venues Sutherland Shire has to offer after paying a visit to three different locations for the following 6 reasons.

  1. You want somewhere that has a suitable corporate backdrop so that it’s immediately obvious that your company represents professionalism, with the room you choose having the perfect stylish table layout available as well as an open terrace where guests will be able to congregate and then relax later following a presentation.
  2. Your boss will be staging a presentation showing attendees the plans going forward as well as commemorating 10 years of business, with a talk and a video and then PowerPoint slideshow. Your venue is providing a screen, and all the necessary audio equipment to ensure that the event is a roaring success increases the possibility of an increased customer base.
  3. The staff you encountered were friendly and extremely helpful offering advice which you had overlooked. With years of experience dealing with such gatherings their expertise was most welcome. Your company is proud to profile themselves as being family friendly, so finding a club to host your soiree that has a Kids Club means that nobody will be left out or at home on what will be a joyous occasion.
  4. The rooms throughout the building were spotlessly clean and modern with the temperatures being just right. The last thing you want is for those at the celebration to be too cold or fall asleep in the heat, which would not be a good look while your manager speaks. You know that your company is investigating branding, so the setting for this presentation is of paramount importance to create the right impression.
  5. You sampled the menu on your visit and the food was high quality, with many different options available so you know that whatever you decide upon, guests will go away talking in glowing terms about the catering.
  6. You also wanted a venue that also offered a boardroom so that the company chief can sit down with fellow peers away from employees to offer a new deal which could be signed on the day. Your chosen location has the perfect solution. Perhaps some hospitality at the local footy club might seal the deal?

The venue is everything that you are looking for as it provides a professional, modern, clean setting with excellent staff and facilities there to ensure a successful event.

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