In today’s article, we are sharing five tips on how to improve your overall vanguard’s Champion Hill experience.

By providing you guys some tips to do better and increase your chances of getting kills and staying alive longer to get the win at the end.

In Vanguard’s Champion Hill mode you have to get as many kills as possible while staying alive as much as you can.

Because the more lives you have, the longer you’ll be alive and the longer it will take for you to be eliminated from the game.

Let’s get right into the first tip:

1. Buy A UAV

This is going to be mostly involving the first round but even if you do get another by around you can also apply this one to that as well because it is crucial no matter what.

At the start of every match, you are given $500 that you can spend on either a new weapon or increase your weapons level.

But I suggest you always use it to get a UAV.

A lot of people don’t buy UAVs and they go straight for upgrading their weapons or buying a secondary weapon.

But honestly getting a UAV will give you the best outcome for the first round.

Keeping all your lives at the start of the game is the most crucial yet you’re going to be versing many teams within each match.

So the easier it is to stay alive to know where your enemies are and to kill them first.

Make sure you buy UAVs at the start and every time you have a buy-back round always go buy UAVs.

It’s crucial because sometimes the enemy players will have UAVs, you never want to have the disadvantage of not having one at that point.

2. Save As Much Money As Possible

When you get into the actual fight, save as much money as possible.

Most people on their first match, they’ll just keep upgrading their weapons and upgrading them.

But honestly, at the start of the first round, most people have weak, low level weapons. These weapons already do enough damage that there’s no point wasting those $50 and $1500 upgrades.

It’s better off keeping that money until the second round because you might get a buy-back round where it will be put back in the main circle to buy more upgrades.

It’ll be always better to buy stuff there because you can get another UAV, a new gun, perks. Overall it’s a lot better to save as much money as possible within the first round.

So definitely try to save as much as you can and pick up some money off the ground when you get some kills.

The more money you have the better it is to upgrade your stuff. If you are interested in exclusive stuff, pro players use these Vanguard hacks to win more games. 

3. Grab The Extra Life Token

This is usually in the middle of the map.

Now when you get to a game there’ll be a token in the middle of the map that is easy to pick up, you just run over it and it gives you guys an extra life.

The more lives you have the better.

So if you’re going down and you’re losing those lives, an easy way to get back at least one life is to grab that mill coin.

You can also buy extra lives in the buy circle when you go back to the buyer round but never turn down a free life.

4. Play Like Your Enemy Has A UAV

This is a mistake I see many players make, they play like there are no UAVs, hiding in corners, staying in one place.

The moment you do that, your enemy already knows where you are.

In the game, you never know if the teams now up against had a chance to go back and buy a UAV.

So it’s always better to assume that they have one.

It’s the only way to avoid getting caught lacking in a corner.

5. Always Buy Armor & Ghost

When you go back to the buy round, a lot of people skip over these.

But honestly, ghost is always crucial.

Especially towards the end rounds, when everyone has a lot of money, so everyone buys a UAV.

If you have ghost on, it will definitely increase your chances of not being seen by the way UAVs.

Keep in mind that ghost only works when you’re moving in this game.

So make sure you’re constantly moving if you’re staying in one spot, your ghost is not going to work.

By having the extra armor, your chances of winning the first gunfight will be a lot better.

So definitely always use those two, especially towards the end round because it will definitely increase your chances of winning the final match.

So these are tips I have for this article, hope you guys did find it informative.

If you did, make sure to share your tips on winning, having better matches, and just your overall tips on how to do better in Vanguard.

I love to see what you guys come up with.

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