As a streamer, the most significant task you have while running your Twitch channel is to maintain your viewers and followers. Followers need quality and unique content, consistency, good audio, and a camera to keep viewing your content. Ensuring your viewers are comfortable and loved makes them feel appreciated for their contributions to your channel.

You can use many ways to make your viewers come back for more of your content. For instance, you can maximize your daily content to ensure your audience streams more to your channel, increase direct interaction with your audience, play the right games, play games with your viewers, etc. Twitch provides good features like a chat room on a live stream to help streamers actively involve their audiences. Getting many followers and Viewers is easy since you can buy Twitch followers and views but maintaining them needs hard work.

Below are five tips on how streamers can involve their Viewers in the video games and lifestyle castings during streams.

1. Use Chat Rooms To Directly Interact With Your Audience

Twitch allows streamers to directly communicate with their viewers through chat room during a live stream. Have you ever thought of how you would feel if you chatted with your favorite influencers? It feels good and satisfying. It encourages viewers to visit your channel every time you schedule a stream. Viewers can ask questions about gaming skills and get an immediate response in the chat room. This is the easiest way to ensure your viewers and viewers feel comfortable and welcomed to your channel.

2. Play The Right Games

Playing right games means choosing games not commonly played but are interesting. Choose non-congested games. Having rare content attracts and maintains new viewers. Strive to get hold of new releases before everyone gets them. Know which games your audience likes. Get games which everyone is dying to check out. You can also play games which you are passionate about because passion and interest bring out the best output. You can diversify your page by researching niche games that haven’t been played a lot from gaming websites.

3. Create Consistent Schedules For Your Streams

Having a specific time plan for your streams is important to your viewers. Your audience can know what time you’ll have live streams. They will be able to create time to view your content if you have a consistent time plan throughout the week. Most streamers lose many views because they ignore the aspect of creating consistent schedules for their streams. Your viewers need to know when to come back for the next game or lifestyle broadcasts. You can edit Twitch’s schedule to your convenient time and inform your viewers time and date for your next game.

4. Mix Up Your Game Selections

Mixing up your streaming content eliminates the possibility of conflict between the games selected. Streaming a wide variety of games gives your audience more options when streaming to watch. This criteria also attracts viewers with varied interests. You can play new releases one week and play classic retro games. This way, you can keep your viewers engaged throughout. They can also learn different skills for different game categories. Mixing up your game selections keeps your audience eager to watch your next game.

5. Stream Quality & Unique Content

Quality Content is a major factor in ensuring your viewers come back for more of your streams. Give them a new unique, and creative gaming chain for each game you stream. Some viewers watch video game streams to improve their performance, while others come to learn how to game. You have to take into account every intention of your viewers when gaming. Invest in a quality camera and microphone to ensure your audience can hear you clearly and see every expression during the game.


Success in Twitch Streaming depends on how many views and followers a streamer has on the Twitch channel. Popular streamers have better chances to earn more through sponsorship and subscriptions. Gamers should take note of the quality of their content, streamer-audience interaction skills, and game selections techniques to ensure they keep their Viewers and earn more new audiences for growth in the Twitch community.

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