Facebook is one of the biggest platforms that play a crucial role in the social media marketing strategy. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, this social media giant has enormous potential to convey your brand to a large number of audiences.

That being said, there is a cut-throat competition among the businesses to get more Facebook likes and establish a unique identity online. Therefore, improving your business page and posts to fetch more likes and providing credibility to your business is a critical part of Facebook marketing.

Below are the five tactics to get more Facebook likes:

Create A Great Facebook Marketing Strategy

Just like any other marketing platform, you need to create a smart, well-defined Facebook marketing strategy. Creating a good strategy based on your business goals helps you craft a strong brand presence on Facebook.

Below is what it takes to create a great Facebook marketing strategy:

  • Clear your marketing goals.
  • Define your target audience.
  • Research the competition.

Craft A Great Business Page

While it sounds obvious, sometimes the most basic points are overlooked. If you want to get more likes on Facebook, you need to create an eye-catching, impressive business page and upload great posts consistently.

Use a recognizable profile image and a catchy cover photo to captivate the attention of the visitors. Mention correct, updated information about your business on the page. If you have a post that has garnered a high number of likes, pin it to boost its lifespan.

However, you can change the pinned post as often as you like. So, make sure to use your fresh, high-performing content in the high-visibility location.

Make Your Page Easy To Find

No matter how good your Facebook page is, people are not going to follow it if they can’t find it. Therefore, in order to get more Facebook likes, it is necessary to increase the visibility of your page.

Below are a few tips you can consider:

  • Choose a page name that is easy to discover. Don’t add unnecessary or irrelevant keywords; they may make your page spammy.
  • Choose a memorable username and keep it consistent with your handle on the other social media channels. Just like the business name, the username should be related to your business’s name.
  • Add ‘Follow’ and ‘Like’ buttons to your blog or website.
  • Select a good Facebook post to embed on your blog or website.
  • Promote your Facebook page on the other social media platforms.
  • Ask your contacts to like your Facebook page.

Engage With Your Audience

Making people feel like they are a part of your community is necessary. For this, you need to interact with them quickly. Be it your target audience, friends, or any Facebook user who has engaged with your post; it is crucial to engage with them.

The more you engage with them, the more likely they are to like your posts. One tactic is to ask questions in your post. It provides you with an opportunity to kick start the conversation with your leads.

Include videos in your posts to encourage engagement. Choose the visual elements in such a way that they feel like the brand is speaking to them via the video. It not only helps you buy Facebook likes but the users may also share your post in their network, thus increasing your brand’s visibility.

You Can Try Facebook Like Campaign

If you invite anyone to like your Facebook page, they will be listed as ‘Invited’ in your Facebook Insights. Once they click the like button, you will see them listed as ‘Liked.’

Target the users who have already engaged with your posts, with a Facebook like ad.

It allows you to ask the users to like your page without having to visit it. Remember to follow the Facebook engagement bait policy.

You don’t want the Facebook authorities to disallow your account due to any actions that are illegitimate in their eyes. So, don’t post any Facebook ad that tricks the users into liking it; it may put you into trouble!

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