A Destination Management Company, or DMC, is a local service agency specializing in creative itineraries and resources showcasing a city’s real vibe.

When selecting a DMC, make sure their vision aligns with yours.

They Save You Time

Whether you are an event planner looking to get your budget back in order or need extra hands, a DMC is the solution. The right destination management companies will be able to find savings in places that most would miss—for example; they can shave a third off your flower budget by swapping out high-quality linen napkins for cheaper flowers.

DMCs can find these savings because they have spent years cultivating a trusted network of suppliers in the destinations where they operate. They know which ones can deliver and who will add value based on your specific program size and objectives. You may save time by avoiding the need to evaluate each source independently. Instead, you may put your faith in the DMC’s selection procedure and consider other crucial meeting components.

They Save You Money

A DMC, or Destination Management Company, is a local service provider that provides a return on investment for a meeting, incentive travel and conference programs. This is done through local knowledge, research, volume pricing, procurement and program logistics.

DMCs can also score discounts on travel and experience packages thanks to their connections in the area. They also understand your event goals and budget, recommending vendors to provide the most value for your dollar.

In addition, they can spot savings in your line items, like saving $2,000 by switching from silk to linen napkins or slashing a third of your floral budget by replacing expensive roses with cheaper ones. They will consider any changes’ impact on your attendees, so they can help you stay within budget while still delivering a wow factor.

They Save You Stress

A trustworthy DMC will be transparent in its pricing, processes and business practices. Additionally, they will collaborate with you to ensure your event is successful and fulfills your needs and objectives.

A DMC is familiar with all the venues and service providers to design an amazing event that will leave your guests amazed, whether a creative workshop, a team-building escape game, or a vintage car rally. They will take the stress out of planning by researching, negotiating rates and booking the best experiences for your budget and group size.

Local knowledge also means your DMC will know if certain experiences are better or worse depending on the season, and they will make sure to avoid any big events in town that may complicate things or make some activities unavailable.

They Make Your Job Easier

Whether you are a seasoned planner or an event newbie, planning out-of-town corporate events can take time and effort. Working with a DMC is crucial if you’re trying to coordinate a meeting or incentive in a destination unfamiliar to you.

A DMC acts like a local version of you, offering insight and advice that saves you from wasting precious resources (like endless Googling). They also know everything about the destinations they specialize in and can connect you with their vast selection of venues, experiences and suppliers.

Plus, DMCs are usually open to out-of-the-box ideas and creative proposals. This is what makes them the best partner to have when it comes to executing a successful destination program.

They Make Your Event Memorable

A DMC’s local expertise can provide unique and memorable experiences your attendees won’t be able to get anywhere else. Plus, a DMC will have access to exclusive discounts unavailable online.

Inspirational moments last a lifetime and give your audience a greater connection to your company. These relationships are what give your event its true lasting power.

During an event, your audience engages with your company 12 to 15 times, from signing up to entering. With every connection, adding a personal touchpoint immerses people in your brand, increasing their propensity to seek it out and support it. Make an impression on them so they will talk about you and promote your company. Everyone benefits; thus, it’s a win-win situation!

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