Decorating an apartment comes with its fair share of challenges. They aren’t always the most spacious places, and they don’t usually have the most storage available.

But don’t let that deter you from getting your interior design on!

If you’re looking for the best way to upgrade your apartment’s interiors, we’ve got just the thing to get you started. These five incredible design elements will improve your apartment in a snap.

1. Add Depth With Layers

Apartments tend to have small rooms that can feel closed in.

Give your rooms more depth and trick your brain into thinking they are larger by layering pieces on top of each other. The added dimension will bring a whole new feel to any space.

If you have carpet, layer an area rug over top of it for a contrast of colors or textures.

Shadow boxes make a great alternative to flat picture frames for hanging up art and other pictures. They’re also fantastic for displaying 3D objects on the wall.

Layer blankets and throw pillows on your sofa to mix things up. A bright color or bold pattern on top of a neutral couch is one way to make a statement. You can also incorporate the same sort of layering on your bed.

Always use contrasting colors, textures, and materials to keep things interesting.

2. Take It Vertical

Don’t just focus on eye level. Your gaze should easily move around the room but also up the walls. You can achieve this by decorating vertically and utilizing as much wall space as possible from top to bottom.

It will make your ceilings seem much higher than they actually are.

There are plenty of methods of using up wall space in your apartment to display more accessories. Install tall bookshelves to carry your favorite pieces up higher. Or use floating shelves to achieve the same result.

Hang your curtains near the ceiling rather than just at the top of the window for a dramatic effect.

If you plan to have an accent wall, why not carry framed pictures up to the ceiling in a nice gallery wall. Displaying art up high is sure to get attention and make your space feel like it’s much taller.

3. Play With Scale

Just because your room is small doesn’t mean all your accessories have to be.

Few things make a more significant impact than an oversized statement piece. You may already have something in mind to squeeze into your apartment, but we can give you a few suggestions if you’re stumped!

A large rug will bring the space together rather than cutting it off. It unifies your furniture into one sitting area, making everything feel cohesive.

Choose a slightly larger light fixture to really draw eyes.

Can you imagine the wow factor of a chandelier dripping in crystals? Or a pendant light with an interesting design hanging front and center?

A large piece of artwork or a big mirror makes a great focal point for your living room. Something that takes up an entire wall always creates a stunning effect. You can even draw your color scheme from whatever artwork you choose.

Incorporating a few large pieces will dramatically improve the flow of your space. While a lot of small details can make it seem cluttered and overwhelming.

4. Lighten Things Up

Light is your best friend in regards to apartment living.

Apartments are all too often cut off from many sources of natural light. But light is essential to making your rooms not only seem bigger but also have more positive energy.

On top of what natural light you have and your existing fixtures, you should add some more focused lighting. Layering light is a cornerstone of interior design that is sure to elevate your space, no matter the direction you take.

Table, floor, and desk lamps are a great source of task lighting. Or you can use plugin wall sconces to carry the light up the walls without taking up valuable floor space.

Adding soft LED lights behind your television will make the tv light less harsh while you’re watching.

It’s the little touches like your lighting choices that really make a difference in the end!

5. Use Asymmetry In Your Design

It may be tempting to make your mantle and shelves perfectly symmetrical but resist that urge! You don’t always want to make things perfectly balanced. It can take away from your fantastic interior design!

Asymmetrical design is much more pleasing to the eye.

Instead of putting two identical pieces across from one another, try balancing a large piece with a grouping of smaller ones. Use odd numbers when you group things for visual interest.

You can also balance a shelf or mantlepiece with objects that are the same shape, size, or color without having them look exactly the same.

Use your creativity!

Even without perfect symmetry, it’s easy to keep a room nice and balanced. Simply use similar colors, patterns, and lines throughout your design.

In Conclusion

When you feel like your apartment is missing something, it can be challenging to know what to do to elevate it. That’s why it’s such a good thing you found your way to this list.

It’s precisely what you need to do some upgrading!

These five powerful ways to improve the interiors of your apartment are pretty much universal. They work for any space, using simple but effective techniques to take your design soaring to the next level!

Author Bio

Aaron Hunt is the Property Manager for The Urban, a student housing community near Ohio State University.

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