In an office, productivity can be one of the most important aspects of business you need to think about. If you’re not making physical products, you’re not using your employees’ manual labor and instead benefit most from their minds. Because of this, increasing focus, engagement and productivity should be one of your highest priorities, as it will have a direct impact on efficiency and profitability, as well as employee happiness. Here are the five most effective steps to boost productivity.


There was a Time article that went viral a few years ago, which argued that office temperatures were a part of office misogyny. In that instance, the author explored how colder office temperatures disproportionally impacted female productivity. In your office, having a temperature that suits everybody will do wonders for your employees’ flow state because if anybody is uncomfortable, it will make them a less valuable worker. Make sure you’re sensitive to everybody’s temperature needs.


Peachie Clean’s cleaning services Hobart stress the importance of taking cleaning off your weekly office to-do list. If your office is clean, not only will there be fewer arguments about who cleans what, but there will be a marked increase in productivity. Clean environments improve focus, stopping people from being distracted by clutter and using cleaning as a procrastinating tool. It also serves to prolong the lifespan of equipment and appliances, which can be compromised by dust.


Depending on the business, music can either enhance or impede our thinking. Creative businesses can be enhanced by the contribution of music to the atmosphere, as creativity is closely related to relaxation and feeling comfortable. However, more corporate jobs may find music to be an impediment, serving as a distraction that can stop workers from properly concentrating on their jobs, especially when the music has lyrics.


Lighting is vital – rooms with no natural light can have a dire effect on office employees, as this can reduce their vitamin D production and make them feel depressed and sluggish, as well as weakening the immune system in such a way that can impede long-term productivity with bouts of illness. It can also affect the severity of Seasonal Affected Disorder, so make sure that your lighting is either natural or SAD-ready, without being too dim or too bright, as these can cause concentration issues and eye problems.

Air Quality

In many countries around the world there are strict rules about the air quality in office buildings. This is for a very good reason – air quality can increase illness if it is poor and if it is being recirculated without being filtered. It can also cause lower energy levels and lethargy in people, as oxygen is vital for proper bodily functioning. If there’s even slightly less than optimal oxygen in a room for a long period of time, your employees will likely take a marked hit to their productivity. You should be sure to check all your HVAC systems to make sure that they are working properly – as you want to maximize the amount of oxygen that’s flowing through your office.

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