Many chiropractic techniques may help you manage pain. Each has its pros and cons, so consult a chiropractor, or a pain management clinic like Neuragenex Lawrenceville, GA or one similar closer to you, before you begin treatment. In addition to pain management, chiropractic care also provides health benefits such as increased mobility and reduced stress on the spine. Have a look below at some of the techniques that may be used to help reduce pain.

Gonstead Technique

The Gonstead technique is a common chiropractic technique for pain management, but it’s also very specific. It focuses on spinal adjustments of primary subluxations. This system of care is effective in reducing the symptoms of a variety of conditions, as well as supporting the healing processes already in motion.

In the Gonstead technique, chiropractors focus on adjusting the pinched nerves in the spine to restore optimal spinal balance. This technique uses a hands-on approach and is painless and fast. It’s an accurate, safe method that produces unexpected benefits.

full spine radiograph provides measurements of the spine and its joints and the region around the pelvis. A Gonstead chiropractor interprets these measurements. Once he has determined the cause of the problem, he will use specific contacts on the spine at the right speed and force.

Graston Technique

The Graston technique is a soft-tissue massage that helps with musculoskeletal pain and can help with improving mobility and reducing inflammation. It is usually given once or twice a week, with two days between sessions. The amount of treatments needed depends on the pain and mobility goals of the patient.

This technique uses a specially designed stainless-steel instrument to break down scar tissue and muscle fibers. This allows for increased blood flow to the area and encourages tissue remodeling. This technique effectively treats chronic muscle soreness, stiffness, and soft-tissue injuries.

The Graston technique can also be used to treat cancer and help patients manage pain. The use of 6 stainless-steel instruments helps chiropractors find changes in soft tissue. The tools also reduce wear on the practitioner’s hands and minimize inflammation.

Cox-Flexion Distraction

Cox-Flexion Distraction is a common chiropractic technique that helps patients with extreme back and leg pain. It helps reduce nerve pressure caused by herniated and bulging discs. The technique also helps promote a healthier spine. It is gentle and is well tolerated by patients.

Cox-Flexion-Distraction is performed on the patient using a specially designed treatment table. This table gently pulls and stretches the spine in a slow, smooth motion. This motion creates space in the spinal canal, allowing the discs to reestablish the correct alignment of the vertebrae. It has been proven to reduce pain and improve the range of motion.

This technique is performed by placing the patient in a prone position on a table with stationary thoracic support and moving caudal support. The table is positioned to create traction effects in the lumbar spine. Experienced DCs can measure and control the force applied to the patient’s spine to ensure that the procedure is appropriate.

Activator Method Technique

The activator method is a gentle chiropractic technique that applies controlled force to the affected areas. It effectively treats musculoskeletal issues because it treats muscles before they tense up and cause pain. The activator method technique also effectively treats multiple areas of the body.

It is safe for the spine and joints and may be used on pregnant women and individuals with osteoporosis or arthritis. It can also be used to treat weak joints and neurological conditions. Children can also benefit from this technique. It is painless and effective in treating a wide range of conditions.

This technique utilizes a small handheld instrument to manipulate the spine. It restores normal spinal alignment and range of motion to many joints. Patients will feel a warm sensation during the procedure. Many chiropractors use this technique for pain management.

Logan Technique

The logan technique was developed to correct stress in the body. In this procedure, doctors apply light and sustained pressure to the sacrum and the surrounding muscles. By doing this, they believe that the muscles will balance the spine’s structure and reduce pain. It may also help to correct alignment problems.

In addition to treating many types of pain, the Logan technique is also used to treat pregnant women. Some women experience tight hips, lumbar, and gluteal muscles while pregnant. Applying the Logan Basic technique can decrease pelvic pain and improve pelvic function. Chiropractors use a comfortable table to use a series of movements that target the pelvic muscles. This includes establishing proper sacral alignment with apex and piriformis contact. The technique also helps to improve pelvic muscle tone and help with a healthy delivery.

The Logan technique is one of the most common chiropractic techniques. It is taught in most chiropractic colleges today. Although Logan was critical of the chiropractic philosophy, most chiropractors today teach the technique. It is interesting to note that with each new chiropractic technique that is created, another “new” method is born. This process proves that a single technique cannot replace all the other systems of chiropractic treatment.

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