In recent years sales of utes in Australia have skyrocketed.  Australians purchased almost 1.6 million new utes in the last decade.  The market share of these vehicles has climbed from about 12% over a decade ago to 18% last year.  The most popular choice in this category are 4×4 dual cab vehicles. The top-selling models continue to be the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger. Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Mazda also offer very popular models.

The reason for their popularity comes down to practicality and price.  You can drive it to church on Sunday, and it can carry you comfortably into the outback.

These are some of the most popular additions you should consider for your ute.

Tow Bar

Tow bars are useful for hauling trailers, boats or caravans.  They also provide extra security when hauling heavy loads.  Tow bars should be made with with steel or aluminium alloy.  If you get one with an adjustable width, you can adjust the size based on what you are towing as well as the weight.

Bull Bars

Although bull bars add a certain style to your vehicle they are also very practical. For off-roaders and city drivers bull bars add a layer of crash protection to your vehicle.  They are designed to absorb the force of a collision or impact and safeguard your frame and engine.  This comes in handy if you drive in areas where kangaroos or other animals are common.

Bull bars can also act as a mounting platform for other accessories like winches, lights or tow points.


Ute canopies are useful if you need more storage space.  Rather than placing items loosely in the bed of your ute, a canopy provides safe and secure storage.  If you carry tools or other high-value items in your vehicle, a canopy can keep them safe from the elements, as well as interested thieves.  If you live in the Melbourne area, ute canopy in Melbourne is a source of high-quality canopies and other ute accessories.


Winches are very popular with off-roaders and others who put their ute to the test.  When you are in difficult terrain having a winch can be a lifesaver.  You won’t have to worry about being stuck when no help is available.  A winch can pull you out of any muddy or difficult situation

Roof Rack

Even though your ute can carry far more than a conventional vehicle, you can improve your carrying capacity by installing a roof rack.  They can be installed independently or in combination with a canopy.

A stand-alone roof rack is great for hauling your camping gear or other sports equipment, that might not fit in the bed of your truck.  Roof racks are generally designed to hold up to 300 lbs, and that gives you a lot of flexibility.  Racks come with secure locking systems that help keep your cargo in place and prevent accidental loss or theft.

These are just a few of the ways you can enhance and improve the performance of your truck. Utes are extremely versatile and these additions can make them even more so.

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