If you need a combination forklift and heavy-duty machine to handle various jobs around your construction site, you’ll like the features that come with a telehandler. To understand how this machine works, you need to first define it.

A telehandler, also called a telescopic handler, represents a multi-purpose type of machine that may be used as a reach forklift, cherry picker, and boom lift. While the machine has often been used in agriculture, it also is used in manufacturing facilities and at construction sites. You can use the equipment for a variety of jobs, making it a popular choice of project managers at worksites.

1. Used Telehandlers For Sale Are Exceptionally Versatile

Used telehandlers for sale may be used for moving heavy and difficult loads, plowing snow, and for site clean-ups. Therefore, you might refer to the equipment as a hybrid crane-forklift. You can fit it with one of several attachments, such as a bucket, winch, or boom-lift. If you use an extendable boom attachment, you can elevate the boom at a 70-degree angle as well as extend it out at least 30 feet. The weight you’re able to lift is determined by the attachment used, wind speed, angle, and extension.

With this type of flexibility, a telehandler may be used for several applications. Its primary use is a lift-and-placement tool although it is considered an advanced forklift. That’s because its extension ability surpasses a regular forklift. Other attachments you can add include a sweeper (used for clean-ups), lifting jibs, bcket, and working platforms. Therefore, you can also use a telehandler to work in high places or to lift items vertically or horizontally. Load dirt and move it, or remove snow during the wintertime.

Therefore, when you choose a telehandler, you’ll need to think about the types of applications you want to employ when you use the equipment. This is an ideal machine to buy, as it is practical and highly useful.

Some Of The Primary Attachments & How They’re Used

Below are some of the common attachments. While you’ll spend more money to buy these items, you’ll also unlock the machine’s potential.

Forklift Carriage: This attachment allows you to use the crane-type vehicle as a forklift. For instance, maybe you have drywall to haul or you need to transport and stack frames for windows. This attachment will allow you to perform these tasks.

Crane Jib: You can turn your telehandler into a crane, usually with a hooked jib end-piece. Therefore, you can use this attachment to lift loads by using slings.

Scoop & Bucket: As the name suggests, this attachment is used to scoop loose materials or items for moving from one place to the next, especially, dirt, sand, gravel, or pebbles.

Work Cage Platform: This accessory allows the telehandler to keep workers protected as they work at great heights. As the name suggests, you’re inside a cage (a surrounding barrier) for extra safety.

2. You Can Drive Telehandlers On The Roadway Or Off-Road While Carrying Sizeable Loads

Unlike a forklift, a telehandler requires the driver to have a driver’s license. Because the equipment features four-wheel drive, you can navigate it on rough terrain or on pavement. In fact, if you need to move some stubborn earth, you’ll appreciate this piece of equipment.

Besides this added benefit, a telehandler can lift heavy loads that are both lengthy and high. It provides both power and reach at the same time, and is much stronger than similar sized crane-type machines, such as a forklift or cherry picker.

Several brands manufacture telehandlers, such as Bobcat, JLG, and CAT. A modern telehandler can reach as high as 65 feet or carry over 20,000 pounds – pretty impressive for a worksite machine. Needless to say, the managers in the construction field are seeking to improve project efficiency. With a telehandler, they can make this happen.

3. Telehandlers Are Large But They’re Also A Safer Piece Of Equipment

One of the things that project managers at worksites need is equipment that is as safe as it is useful. That is why the telehandler is my favorite machine. Because of the machine’s basic and expansive dimensional layout, it features a wide base that promotes extra stability.

This stability is available for a variety of tasks – from moving dirt and removing snow to lifting loads vertically and horizontally to. Therefore, workers work more safely and feel more confident on the job. The chances of injury, because of repetitive or unsafe lifting, is substantially reduced.

Because telehandler operators must be trained and licensed, overall safety is heightened. Also, telehandlers are designed with certain features, such as roll-over protection.

In addition, the load gauge feature alerts an operator if the telehandler is carrying too much load. The low-mounted boom on the machine allows an operator to see all round him as well. Therefore, he has a 360-degree view of his surroundings.

4. The Hydraulic Features On A Telehandler Give It Added Range Of Motion

You’ll enjoy several hydraulic functions when you buy a telehandler, all which support an increased range of motion. For example, the stabilizers on the machine can extend, go up and down, and retract. You can use the boom lift to move the load arm on the machine up and down.

The boom extend feature allows for telescopic extension of the equipment and meets the machine’s retraction requirements. The tilt feature enables the telehandler attachment to tilt both backwards and forwards.

An extra hydraulic function is the auxiliary function, which moves a hydraulic attachment, such as an auger or a drill rig. Three types of steering are used as well, including compact, standard, and high-load. The compact function has a lift capacity of 2.5 tonnes and a reach of up to 5.6m. Standard steering allows you to realize a lift range of at least 6m and lifting weight of 4 tonnes while the high-load steering function can handle 7 tonnes of weight and a lift of 10m.

Frame leveling is used to balance the machine with the axle on unstable terrains. You can also use telehandlers in narrower spaces. They are used at construction sites but are also ideal for mining and natural gas operations.

Why You Need To Review The Telehandlers For Sales Online

The above benefits provide volumes of information about the advantages of telehandler machines. If you want to improve your worksite’s productivity and safety, you need to learn more about this machine.

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