Your logo is critical for your business. You want it to be your company’s calling card—the symbol or phrase that shows what your business does and what it represents. It should also be unique and memorable, so potential customers correctly associate it with your business when they see it.

You expect a lot of your logo, so it makes sense that you would take the time necessary to ensure the logo you create is perfect for your needs. But, how can do you do that? Where do you start? Creating a logo requires some introspection on your overall goals for your company. You have to take a hard look at your brand and decide how you want to project yourself to the world.

Once you have an idea of what you want your logo to say about your company, you can just jump right into creating. Sometimes launching into the creative process can be a great way to decide what kind of logo you do and do not like for your company. As you work through your design process, you might want to consider using one of the following tools.

1. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands provides an all-inclusive way to launch a new business, from forming an LLC to creating your new logo and website. The company’s logo maker uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you create a design that fits your business—from what it does to its underlying vision and goals.

Creating a logo on Tailor Brands involves:

  • Providing some basic information about your business
  • Selecting fonts and colors
  • Customizing logo designs and styles
  • Downloading a high-resolution file of the design (Vector EPS, SVG, and PNG)

The logo design process takes just a few minutes. It creates simple but impactful logos for a wide variety of businesses.

Tailor Brands also has hands-on customer support if you get stuck or have any questions. Once you create your logo, you can incorporate it into merchandise, create letterhead, draft business cards, and more.

Why Choose Tailor Brands?

If you want an all-in-one business creation resource, Tailor Brands provides that type of service. Their logo designs can easily be transferred into various items, from branded merchandise to social media.

This AI-powered tool is also very easy to use. It incorporates a “wizard” that walks you through the process of creating a logo that fits what you need. They also have a huge library of available icons and fonts. The designs may be a bit simple, but depending on your needs, it can get the job done.


Brandmark offers AI-powered logo design and other tools. Businesses can create business cards, letterhead, and other design assets using their logo maker. The website is a quick and easy way to create a logo, even for those who have no experience with creating a logo. While the process itself is quite simple, it lacks some of the more comprehensive options users might find on other sites.

A couple of the more expensive design packages include social media assets, business cards, and a brand style guide. Some reviewers indicate that the logos are very simple and end up looking similar to other logos because the icons and customization options are limited.

Brandmarks’ AI tools will suggest coloring and other graphics, and it boasts having over a million logo images and options. Users can create general color palettes rather than individual colors as well.

Why Choose Brandmark?

If you want a simple, quick logo, Brandmark might be a good option. Their logo options might not have the most creative flair, but they can work well for some businesses. They also do not have a lot of the merchandising or branding that other sites offer. Their logo services are just that—logo services without much else.

3. Placeit

Placeit’s logo maker is just one piece of its huge group of tools, that are designed to provide business marketing services such as videos, mockups, business cards, and more.

Unlike other logo-making tools, there is no AI in Placeit’s logo maker. Instead, you simply type in the text you want to use for the logo, select an industry, and find a logo. There is a wide variety of color options, but no suggestions on color palettes or groupings.

The templates are great, but there are not very many of them. You might not be able to create a completely unique logo because of the lack of options in templates. Some logos will end up looking virtually identical, except for the text and colors.

Editing also works well, as you can edit virtually any aspect of the logo in a way that is both quick and easy. You can drag and drop, select specific options, and more. You can also do some extensive previewing before purchasing a logo; you can even preview it on a few merchandise items.

However, some reviewers have noticed that Placeit has some pretty serious bugs in its system. Specifically, once you go through all of the trouble to design the logo you want, you might not be able to download it. In fact, one reviewer got an entirely different logo from what they designed—nothing about the logo was the same as the design.

Why Choose Placeit?

Placeit offers an easy way to make logos along with a variety of other services. However, users might want to wait until Placeit addresses some of their system’s bugs before paying for any logo download because that download might not work properly.


Like the other two logo makers described above, LogoMaker also allows users to create their own logos using icons and fonts. It boasts over 10,000 icons and a large variety of fonts to use. They can also provide branded material, including clothing, business cards, and other promotional products. It is user-friendly and generally a good service for the price.

LogoMaker charges a one-time fee to create and edit logos over a period of time. Once you create the logo and pay the up-front fee, you can edit it as much as you would like. They also provide custom design services separate from their general logo maker.

While the process is simple, it does not use AI to help users create logos. Users are guided through the creation process in a more general way that provides many options. While more options are often better, having little guidance to get started can be overwhelming for some new business owners.

Interestingly, LogoMaker also does not delete logos from its site once they are created and purchased. That means that other people could view your logo and create something similar or use your logo template as a starting point for their logo.

Why Choose LogoMaker?

If you want a relatively simple logo maker without bells and whistles, LogoMaker may be a good option. It does not provide any additional services or packages, but it provides a simple-to-use logo maker with “one-off” pricing. If you know you only need a logo and no other services, LogoMaker might be a good option.

Take Action!

Each business is slightly different when it comes to creating its logo. Ultimately, companies should consider that their logo will be their “calling card” for years to come. Putting the time, effort, and thought into creating a great logo that represents your company will usually be an investment well-spent.

In addition, you might want to find a text logo generator service that does more than just create your logo so you can satisfy many business needs at once. However, if you only need a logo and nothing more, there are certainly options to just accomplish that goal as well.

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