From time to time, people can feel draggy. It can be due to sleepless nights, a stressful day at work or school, or too much work at home. However, when you are constantly feeling drained, you need to check what could be bringing you down. Check out these reasons that may be draining your energy.


You have probably heard someone saying they envy you for being a multitasker. However, to some extent, that may not be something to be proud of. You may think you are doing five things at the same time, but what you are actually doing is switching back and forth. All these not only lead to stress and anxiety, but they also contribute to reducing your energy levels.

Using Phone Before Bed

Most people go to bed and use the phone before sleeping. Other times, you go to bed, and when you cannot sleep or if you wake up at night, you start going through Facebook. However, this does not help. It hinders you from sleeping well, which drains your energy. If you are having trouble sleeping, try sleeping supplements, CBC oil, or any other recommended product that can help you sleep well.


If you are feeling exhausted, you could be dehydrated. Dehydration causes energy levels to go down, especially for women. Monitor your water intake throughout the day because you will not realize you are thirsty until your body is about 1% or 2% dehydrated.

A Messy Desk

A messy desk can contribute to draining you. A cluttered desk pulls your brain in various directions, even when you are trying to focus on one thing. A few minutes of arranging your desk ensures you can channel your energy to the right things.

Sometimes it is simple things that you do not think about that end up draining you. Check on these four tips and, most importantly, learn to take a break every once in a while to unwind.

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