Making home improvements is often difficult for homeowners. This usually means that a lot of money will be spent and parts of the house may be unusable for a while. Then there’s the uncertainty about the end product and whether you’ll be able to recuperate your costs at a later date. However, there is no obligation for you to make extensive renovations. As a matter of fact, sometimes the smallest things are the ones that make the biggest difference on both liveability and return on investment. Here are 4 small home improvements that will make a big difference.


Awnings are one of the most underrated home additions there are. They can improve your home in so many ways: they will instantly make your patio more liveable; you will be protecting yourself and your building from sun damage and rain; and they allow the house to stay cooler. By placing them strategically, you’ll be able to block the sun’s rays from entering the house when it’s at its hottest. This will allow you to significantly cut your air conditioning costs. If you’re looking for a good supplier of awnings, we suggest you check out Miles Ahead Blinds & Awnings. Going with someone with a big selection will allow you to find the perfect model for your home and budget.


Decks are also one of the best additions that you can make, and they’re not that expensive to build. You can have one built for a few thousand dollars and it will instantly improve your backyard. And, with your brand-new awning, you’ll be able to enjoy it even more. The best part about decks is that they are something that you can do yourself. If you have minimal skills and have done some projects around the house before, this is perfect for you. You’ll dramatically reduce costs and have something to be proud of. Not to mention that this will instantly boost the value of your property.

Paint & Trim

Adding a fresh coat of paint in a room or area that needs it will also instantly improve it, as long as you make the right choices. Don’t be afraid to play around here. If this is for a bedroom, you should try painting the ceiling a different colour than the walls. Also, add trim for a more sophisticated look and to create separation. You can also use a strip of wallpaper to create that separation.

Adding Floating Floor Panels Or LVT Tiles

If you’re going to redo the floors, then you have to think twice about hardwood if you’re on a limited budget. You can look for luxury vinyl flooring instead, or LVT tiles. LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile, but the luxury part has more to do with the way they look than how much they cost. These can replicate virtually any material and can be used in rooms where they usually wouldn’t be a suitable choice.

As you can see, you can make a major difference in how your house looks and feels just by making a few adjustments. Consider all of these options and maybe even perform multiple at once.

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