Inspections are necessary aspects of many industries and types of equipment. Here are four reasons to get your equipment inspected.

1. OSHA Compliance

OSHA has many workplace safety compliance requirements in place to protect workers and anyone else in any given facility or office. These regulations ensure facilities meet code requirements and are being used correctly and safely. For example, whether you need equipment inspections Chattanooga or office inspections in Rapid City, you will need to make sure your facilities comply with OSHA regulations.

2. Repair Preparation

Equipment inspections aren’t only meant for legal compliance. They’re meant to make sure equipment is safe to use and kept in good condition. One of the ways inspections assist in this is to help you check equipment for major or minor repair needs and age-related issues. Regular inspections make it far more likely you’ll catch an issue with a piece of equipment before the issue becomes a major problem or the piece of equipment breaks. This will help your equipment last longer. It will also enable you to do repairs before they become more costly and know when to expect to need to start to explore Industrial Sanding Machines, or whatever it is you need to replace, so you can work it into your budget as early as possible.

3. Safety & Protection

The major reason you need to conduct inspections regularly is to ensure the safety and protection of your workers and visitors to your facility. Inspectors will typically check the physical safety precautions and functions on your equipment, as well as the safety of your facilities, looking for issues such as mold growth and carbon monoxide exposure. If the inspector notices anything wrong or anything that could break or cause safety concerns in the future, he or she will let you know and you can fix or replace the equipment or take steps to improve the safety of your facilities by removing or mitigating potential hazards.

4. Maintenance & Cleanliness

Equipment can refer to everything from industrial tools to playground equipment, and all of it needs to be maintained correctly and kept clean so it can be used safely. Each type of equipment will have different maintenance and cleaning requirements, which can be determined and reviewed during an inspection. Regular inspections are important because you can look for wear or damage due to use or misuse and then clean, repair or maintain appropriately. Imagine if an aeroplane was not regularly inspected or maintained. There would be any number of hazards, but with the help of airplane jacks and other tools, everything from the landing gear to the windscreen wipers can be inspected to ensure safety.

Make sure you’re aware of the inspection requirements of each piece of equipment you own or use, as well as the inspection requirements related to your facilities. This way, you can be confident that you’re working within safety regulations.

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