If you want to be a better athlete, you will need to invest in yourself. This is especially important if you’re an amateur athlete aiming for the top spot, someone trying to go pro, or someone who might be actively playing and wants to compete against the best.

Many top athletes have certain secrets and tricks that allow them to stay on top. This is why some end up performing well into their 40s while others seem to always be bogged down by injuries and are inconsistent. Let’s take a look at a few powerful ways to boost your athletic performance.

Switch Workouts

It’s easy for an athlete to get into a routine during workouts. Routines make you feel comfortable, and you end up doing exercises that you like. But that’s exactly the issue. Training should be difficult, not easy, so if you find yourself enjoying yourself too much, this might be because you’re not working the muscles you should.

When we dislike an exercise, it’s usually because the muscles that are working have been neglected or are underperforming. By varying workouts and even going with different trainers, you might be able to fill those gaps.

Try Assisted Stretching

Stretching is not something enough athletes pay attention to. Some will even forego it completely. It’s also one of the reasons why so many end up with injuries. This is why we would suggest that you go see a professional instead. Stretch Affect is a good example of a company that can provide you with a tailored plan. Assisted stretching will ensure that you don’t cause an injury or aggravate one and will increase your flexibility, coordination, and many more things that will make you a better athlete. It will also help reduce pain and allow you to recover quicker from games and workouts.

Keep A Journal

You have to record your every performance and make sure that you progress. If you do not monitor your results, you will eventually start to stagnate and stay in that comfort zone we talked about earlier. So, make sure that you constantly check and compare results and always aim to do better. If you reach your weight quota, try to go for more reps. If you can’t run faster, go longer. Only this way will you be able to constantly surpass yourself and the competition.

Work Out With Someone More Advanced

Another thing we would suggest is that you find someone who’s known for training and ask if you could train with them for a day or two. Steel sharpens steel, and being with someone who goes harder than you will trigger that competitive side. Finding someone who will be able to push you will both give you a companion during training sessions and someone who will hold you accountable as well.

These are just a few ways that you can improve your athletic performance. Make sure that you follow all of them and always look for ways to reach new plateaus.

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