There are over a hundred different compounds of cannabis, but few get the benefits that cannabidiol has. Also known as CBD, it has grown in popularity in recent years, thanks in no small part to its medicinal properties. Many experts believe that it’s the plant’s most therapeutic, curative extract with its various uses. And the most impressive aspect is that there are very minimal, if no, side effects. Moreover, they’re usually short-lived and mild in cases where adverse reactions occur.

Selecting a method of consumption will depend on certain factors, such as convenience, bioavailability, and efficacy. It can be taken as a capsule or tablet, edibles, oil tincture, topical or vape juice. However, many CBD users are opting for smoking hemp flowers instead of using the preferred terpenes infused rolling paper. Below, you’ll find some of the benefits of this consumption method.

1. Affordability

The popularity of CBD has increased considerably over the past few years. However, the price points for its various products remain relatively inhibitive for many consumers, whether it’s oil tincture or vape juice. Inexpensive weed isn’t easy to find in most cases. And more often than not, buyers will have to choose between affordability and quality. One of the reasons behind its cost-inhibitive nature is the high cost of manufacturing these products.

However, this isn’t the case with hemp flowers, as it’s generally more affordable to smoke them with blunt wraps than other products. In addition, because they’re available in dry weight, it’s much simpler to buy them at a low price in bulk.

2. Fast-acting

Another advantage of smoking a hemp flower is that you’ll feel its therapeutic effect much faster than you otherwise would with the other CBD products. However, as mentioned earlier, when picking a preferred consumption method, the time for the intended effect to happen is something to consider. Through smoking, the cannabinoids will be directly carried into your lungs and absorbed into your bloodstream. Conversely, processes like oil tinctures usually take at least half an hour before it takes effect.

3. Bioavailability

The bioavailability of hemp flowers is higher when compared to other products like CBD oil. Moreover, oil and edibles go through your digestive system before being absorbed. This means that many cannabinoids will be destroyed, with only a few left for absorption. In contrast, smoking introduces the compounds into your bloodstream and lungs directly. As a result, its higher bioavailability will ensure that you enjoy its benefits in lower doses in relation to your finances and wellness.

4. Legal

Compared to their marijuana-based alternatives, products derived from hemp are more legal. The reason for this is their lower THC levels. It may not sound like a big deal, but being able to smoke hemp without the fear of getting in trouble makes all the difference.


With its affordability, fast-acting nature, a high rating in bioavailability, and being a lot more legal than marijuana products, it’s no surprise that smoking hemp is the preferred method for the consumption of CBD for many. So if you’re interested in cannabidiol, give this method a try.

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