Traditional contact centers are centralized departments that require both phones and computers in an office setting to provide call center operations. Technology has since advanced, and virtual call centers now allow customer service agents to access contact center software online. This means that virtual agents can now work remotely or from home. Traditional call centers used to require agents to report to work and didn’t have flexible hours. The shift to a virtual environment has opened up flexibility and improved call center operations to work around the clock, and contact center agents can come from all over the world with a wide range of skills. Here are four perks of virtual contact centers.

1. Businesses Can Connect To Customers Across All Time Zones


Virtual contact center software offers geographic flexibility. This means that organizations can combine local and remote resources and connect to customers 24/7. Bright Pattern offers a cloud contact center solution, which means that the software can be accessed through any web browser thanks to the cloud. This allows agents to work across different time zones, and call centers can choose representatives based on cost, skill, and geography. Contact center representatives can work from home or an office, and customers will get the same level of professionalism no matter where they are. Virtual contact centers make remote work easy and streamline the process to ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Calls Are Seamlessly Integrated No Matter What Happens Regionally

When it comes to business, continuity is everything. You need to keep things going no matter what interruptions occur locally. Thanks to a virtual contact center, agent performance is never compromised regardless of what happens at a local facility or in a specific area. Cloud-based communications allow customer interactions to take place no matter what. With remote employees all over the world, there will be no interruptions to the ability to provide customer support. Bright Pattern’s virtual call center software provides plenty of options for continuity and disaster recovery. That way, you can guarantee a seamless customer experience.

3. Management Can Be Extended Beyond The Local Area


Supervisors and managers can track agent performance through a centralized platform. Dialing plans, quality management resources, and routing rules can be customized both locally and globally. Companies even have access to consolidated reporting, which allows businesses to centrally manage and control administrative tasks through one platform. This maximizes service levels and guarantees efficiency in the workplace.

4. Businesses Can Deliver A Consistent Customer Experience Regardless Of Location

The best part about providing customer service through a virtual contact center is the ability to personalize the experience based on the customer’s needs. Regardless of location, all agents can provide a consistent experience for each customer to ensure that their entire journey has the same professional level of service. Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center software has many regional points of presence and a large number of telecom providers. Virtual agents can access information regarding customers from start to finish. That way, they can decide what’s best moving forward and remain consistent with their support.

At the end of the day, a cloud-based virtual contact center enables businesses to connect with customers from anywhere in the world. It transcends time restraints and condenses workflow into a seamless user interface. Businesses can customize the application to their needs and ensure that the virtual customer experience is of high quality even if they are thousands of miles apart. Overseeing agent performance and monitoring analytics is also a lot easier with the help of virtual software. With Bright Pattern, businesses can optimize their geographic presence and provide solutions 24/7.

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