Different materials are used to develop caster wheels. This is because Hamilton casters and other sorts of casters are used in various industries. When purchasing a set of wheels, a person must consider its starting and rolling resistance, maneuverability, load capacity, noise level, hardness, and dimensions. The material that a wheel is made of can affect its characteristics. Also, certain kinds of wheels are compatible will certain types of floors. Take a look at these four types of materials used to create caster wheels.

1. Nylon

Nylon caster wheels are often used in harsh environments. Finished and non-finished concrete floors are the type of surface this kind of wheel works best on. It will perform on vinyl, asphalt, and rubber tiles, floors that consist of grease, oils, and solvents, and floors that contain metal chips. It should not be utilized on ceramic tiles or finished wood floors.

2. Steel

Many prefer to use steel wheels in rugged environments because of their strength. There are forged steel wheels that work pretty well on floors that contain solvents. These wheels perform fairly well on floors with metal chips and inorganic surfaces. Steel wheels are long-lasting and have saved many individuals a great deal of money. However, people should avoid using them on ceramic or wood floors.

3. Rubber

Caster wheels that are made of rubber are known for their durability. It is worth mentioning that rubber caster wheels typically do not damage or leave scuff marks on floors. Hard rubber wheels work well on wood and oily floors. Soft rubber wheel works very well on floors with metal chips; they can also be utilized on alkaline floors. There exist wheels that are comprised of a combination of rubber and metal, such as rubber on aluminum wheels; these wheels work exceptionally well on concrete floors.

4. Cast Iron

Cast iron wheels have been lauded for their ability to roll easily on certain surfaces. They have earned a good rating when used on concrete and greasy floors. Their performance on finished concrete floors is decent. One should refrain from using cast iron wheels on finished wood floors and ceramic tiles. It is worth noting that some cast iron wheels are able to function well in extreme conditions, such as high temperatures.

Individuals can find caster wheels that suit their needs. They just need to conduct enough research about the caster products they aim to acquire.

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