This article will explore the different types of stem casters, including Swivel casters, Metric stem casters, Hollow kingpin casters, and metric casters. We’ll also discuss whether a caster is a locking device or has an external thread.

Round Stems Casters

The most critical factor in choosing a stem caster is determining the object’s diameter. The stem should be 3/8 inches in diameter or smaller, and the caster’s length should be around four inches. The branch will also need to be lubricated to avoid falling out. Some stem casters have a threaded insert or hole. The stem is installed by inserting it into the threaded hole, then tightening it with a wrench.

Round stem casters are heavier duty than other stem caster types. They are typically used on scaffolding. They come with polyurethane wheels and are usually threaded for mounting. These casters are great for industrial, institutional, and woodworking applications. They are also ideal for use on towline trailers.

Metric Stem Casters

External threaded metric stem casters are utilized in areas where accuracy is required. First, they measure the outer diameter of the stem using an adjustable wrench using metric measures. Next, place the twist between the jaws and the stem’s base to check the thread’s diameter. After that, you may measure the separation between the jaws with a ruler. The thread diameter and length are sold in increments of one-eighth inch.

Metric stem casters are available in metric and English sizes. Metric stems have a smaller diameter than English and American threads. You can order them in different diameters, but be sure to measure the ID of the branch to ensure the correct size.

Hollow Kingpin Casters 

Hollow kingpin casters are a good choice for applications where a stem is not needed. The top of the fork on this caster has a hole that may be placed into the stem’s hole. These casters are excellent for applications where a branch is unnecessary, such as industrial settings. Proper measuring is key to selecting the right caster for a given application. Use calipers, bolt gages, and a measuring tape to ensure proper fitment.

Grip Neck Casters

Grip neck stem casters are popular for mounting on furniture. They have a narrow top and rod-shaped stem that fits into a drilled hole. Some models are made with rubber or wood wheels.

Grip neck stem casters are designed to fit into furniture with a woody stem. To install these casters, you need to drill a hole in the wood using a metal wood socket. These casters may have a nut or a brass ring at the base.

Grip ring stem casters are also popular and are most often used on furniture. These casters feature a ring on the base of the stem that is 7/16″ in diameter. They also come in three different lengths, ranging from 7/8″ to 1-7/8″. Depending on the piece of equipment, either kind may be applied.

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