Sometimes you need a reprieve from sound-producing activities. This is especially true when you are using a smartphone. Adding some quiet time to your life is good for your overall health and well-being. That is why it pays to use an app that mutes your sound notices on your phone. Those “ear-splitting” dings and beeps can become quite irritating after a while – all the more reason to use an app that gives you some audio peace and quiet.

While you don’t want to miss any important notice, muting does offer you a chance to deflect the anxiety related to the sound. Discover the benefits available to you when you mute sound notifications on your phone. Use a sound muting app to enjoy the following advantages.

1. Stay In Control: Select What You Wish To Mute

A sound muting app will allow you to choose what you want muted. For example, if you have a spa appointment, you might not want to use the mute feature for your calendar so you don’t miss your appointment and chance to enjoy a bit of pampering.

Maybe you’d like to take a coffee break at work. If you don’t want to answer a text or call, you can mute any email alerts that aren’t urgent. You have full control and choose what notifications to mute and which ones you want to hear during different times of the day and night.

2. Prevent The Pollution Caused By Sound

While white noise is good for the mind and soul, you cannot say the same for smartphone notifications. Sometimes, they can get downright annoying. Whether they affect you or those around you, they can trigger anxiety and tiredness.

If you use a muting application, you do not have to use Do Not Disturb or siphon through your sound settings on each of your apps. You can use your muting app and switch off the sound notifications for specific apps. It is as easy as that.

3. Make The Most Of Your Morning

If you want to start your day the right way, launch your muting app when you log in. You can set the app to start immediately so you are not distracted by sounds first thing in the morning. By taking this initiative, you can focus better on planning your tasks for the day.

4. A Simple Way To Manage Your Audio-Based Notifications

Sometimes, it can get quite cumbersome to figure out where you can apply sound and where you can remove it. For instance, an app may play media sounds on a Bluetooth – separate from sound notifications. This entails finding the setting panel then tapping on an icon.

You need to tap the vibration and sounds icon and then, typically, a distinct sound app. You then have to tap on yet another icon to enable the operation of the separate audio app. Plus, you need to make sure your Bluetooth is connected to enable operation.

Today’s technology should be more user-friendly. That is why using a mute sound app for your audio notifications is such a popular technology. You can create your setting in under a minute without a great deal of hassle. The user interface is also user-friendly.

Learn More About Smartphone Addiction & Stress

  • One of the primary reasons people become obsessed with their smartphones is because they really don’t take any kind of breather from the activity. Watching the screen and listening for alerts promotes continual activity. By muting the sound for notifications, you are giving things a rest, at least temporarily.One research study on smartphone use found that notifications can actually change the chemistry of the brain and create an imbalance. Scientists found an actual connection between using a smartphone and impulsivity and depression.
  • Moreover, when sound is used to alert you of a notification, a situation evolves known as switch cost. Switch cost happens when a disruption, such as a sound notification, prevents you from working or focusing on a task.Plus, the natural occurring hormone, dopamine, has an effect on the brain as well. When you begin scrolling on your smartphone, dopamine compels you to keep scrolling. This feel-good substance sends out a reward signal to the brain, which causes you to respond in a way where you want to continue to scroll and listen for messages.
  • When you first use your smartphone, you might find notifications to be rather off-putting. However, over time, the dopamine kicks in and changes everything. You just get into an addictive habit of using your phone. Part of this addiction involves listening for alerts. You feel energized and motivated when the alerts appear or sound on your smartphone.
  • However, just like an addictive drug, it is not a good idea to become hooked to that emotion. You need to transcend from this way of thinking and take a break from this commotion for a while. Not only will you reduce the stress in your life, you will think more logically. Muting your notifications helps you keep things in perspective. Receiving sound notifications reminds us that we’re part of the mainstream – that we want to be in the know on all kinds of things – personally and professionally. However, that kind of response can also be a drawback.
  • When you turn the sound up, you start becoming addicted to those notices. As a result, many smartphone users are wired to their notifications. The alerts, at least in their minds, either represent an urgent call or a call that needs their action. This can either cause someone to move forward or feel hopelessly stuck.As a result, those notifications, especially when they are relayed to us through sound, can lead us to act in a way we normally would not behave.

Balancing The Scales

In some cases, notifications can make some people feel nervous. That’s because some smartphone users literally experience an FOMO (fear of missing out) on certain info. Some people even feel panicked, at times. They want to feel they are part of the social fold. By doing something as simple as muting the sound for notifications, you take charge of your behavior and prevent yourself from developing harmful habits and patterns.

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