Most people do not think of their garages when designing their homes. Although the area is just a place where you only park your vehicle, you can also use the space for much more than storing unwanted things. Therefore, you must beautifully design your garage just like you have designed your house.

Before you consider getting another garage or add another garage to your home, it is essential to consider how you will use it. Your garage can serve many purposes, including storing outdoor equipment, parking your vehicles, providing an extra workspace, among other things. Whether you plan to build your dream garage or want to improve the current one, here are some tips on garage designing you can follow.

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Match Your Garage With Your Home

If you are going for a detached garage, it should be uniform and a part of your home. Detached garages are beautiful and can provide extra storage and working space. Also, since the detached garage is far from the house, you do not have to worry about the noise coming from the garage when someone is engaging in some power toll activities.

If you build a garage that does not match your home’s aesthetics, you will ruin its beautiful scenery. The scene can also be an eyesore if the design does not match the house. As you build your detached garage, ensure that its architectural features match with those of your home. For example, if your house has a classic farmhouse design, your garage should also reflect those features distinctively.

The siding should also match whether it is vinyl, wood, or brick. That means that if your house has brick siding, the garage siding should match the same bricks model. Therefore, you must consider the color and the pattern.

The roof of your house and garage should also match. The material and color should be the same. For example, if your house roof has shingles, then your detached garage should have shingles. If your house has an older-style slate roof, you will need to find a matching roof for the garage to make things look right.

Ensure The Garage Is Safe & Convenient

Safety should be your top concern when designing a new garage. Unfortunately, many accidents happen in the garage; therefore, you must invest in things that keep it secure. Some of the basics needed include garage heaters, a security system such as a CCTV camera, and strong doors. You can also have your carpenter fix cabinets in the garage to prevent accidents.

The garage floor you choose should be a material that is long-lasting and durable so as to withstand whatever use you put it to. The floor should also be both slip-resistant and easy to clean to maintain safety within the home. As such, when renovating your garage, it can be a good idea to transform a dull garage floor and improve safety by opting for a garage floor coating completed by a local professional.

Similarly, the stairs in the garage should be marked appropriately to avoid slips and falls. You can have the team designing the garage to line the stairs’ edges with reflective tape so that they are visible any time of day.

The cabinets should have locks, especially if you plan to store chemicals and poisons in the garage. Toxic chemicals have to be stored properly to avoid poisoning, especially if you have children around. In addition, since the substances might be flammable, you must ensure that your garage is fitted with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and other fittings to prevent fire from occurring or spreading.

Sufficient Lighting

Lighting in the garage is essential as it enables you to see at night and makes the garage look great. The lighting in the garage should be reasonably priced, durable, and bright. Proper lighting can make the garage look comfortable and highlight its best features.

Designing your new garage to be well-lit is essential as it fully transforms the garage’s feel and functionality. The three layers of light to be illuminated in the garage include ambient, task, and accent. These layers of a light help to eliminate shadows and dark corners in the garage by overlapping light.

What you usually do in the garage should determine the lighting. It would be best to consider what you want to get out o the illumination and the illumination level you wish to accomplish. If you use only one source of light, you may get shadows that limit what you can achieve in your space.


These three tips should help you design your new garage and beautify it to make it part of the home. If you incorporate the tips, your new garage will be clean and pleasant, and you will enjoy working in it every day. Some of these tips, however, are N/A to attached garages.

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