You have a strong, no-nonsense lady in your circle that inspires you daily. No matter who it is, from mom to sister or girlfriend to wife, their presence in your life makes it a little bit sweeter and a whole lot better. You want to show them they mean the world to you with a thoughtful gift. Great idea! Let’s get your search started with a few good ideas.

1. Buckle & Belt Combo

Just because an item is useful doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Lovely cowgirl belt buckles will do their job while she manages the farm but also display a touch of her feminine side. Pair it with a gorgeous, well-made leather belt, embossed with a design that fits her personality and you’ve got the perfect gift right there. Also, give her a luxury leather goods protector so that her leather belt remains as good as new.

2. Faux Cowhide Blanket

Even the most rough-and-tumble woman wants to settle down with her preferred warm beverage at the end of the night. Why not get her cozy blanket to make it all complete? A microfiber/faux fur duo will make any cuddling experience more enjoyable and cowhide or western prints will match her aesthetic flawlessly.

3. Custom Western Jewelry

Not all jewelry has to be a flashy bauble, and most girls like to add a little character to their wardrobe with a bracelet or necklace. For your cowgirl, you might consider a horsehair bracelet crafted from the hair of her favorite horse. Or perhaps a gorgeous silver and turquoise pendant when she is feeling like dressing up her look a little. There are a lot of artisans making gorgeous jewelry catered toward a lady who loves and lives the farm/ranch life.

As long as a gift is thoughtful, and you have taken the time to consider the incredible woman you are buying for, it is hard to go wrong.

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